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Nov 03

Sun . 01:00 PM

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD

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Aug 11

Sun . 01:00 PM

Preseason: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

Aug 18

Sun . 08:00 PM

Preseason: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos

Empower Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Aug 25

Sun . 04:30 PM

Preseason: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos

Empower Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Sep 08

Sun . 04:05 PM

Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

Lumen Field, Seattle, WA

Sep 15

Sun . 04:25 PM

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

Empower Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Sep 22

Sun . 01:00 PM

Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

Sep 29

Sun . 01:00 PM

Denver Broncos at New York Jets

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Oct 06

Sun . 04:05 PM

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos

Empower Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Oct 13

Sun . 04:05 PM

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

Empower Field at Mile High, Denver, CO

Oct 17

Thu . 08:15 PM

Denver Broncos at New Orleans Saints

Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, LA
Greetings, football enthusiasts! Welcome to the world of the Denver Broncos, an NFL franchise seeping with charm, character, and a rich history of bone-crunching action. If you’re a seasoned fan or just jumping on the bandwagon, there’s plenty to cheer for when it comes to the Denver Broncos. So grab your orange and blue, prepare for the Mile High Salute, and let’s dive into the thrill of Broncos Country.

The Denver Broncos entered the American Football League in 1960, eventually becoming one of the NFL's most enduring franchises. Their tenacity was evident early on, capturing three Super Bowl championships in the '90s under the helm of legendary quarterback John Elway. These wins have set the stage for a legacy that continues to inspire the team today.

Denver Broncos' games are hosted at the impressive Empower Field at Mile High, aptly named for its sky-scraping location. Nestled in the heart of Denver, Colorado, the stadium provides an atmosphere that’s as thrilling as the games themselves. If you're looking to feel the ground shake beneath your feet during a rousing "IN-COM-PLETE!" chant, the lower bowl seats, specifically sections 100 and 300, offer the best experience.

Looking for a breathtaking view of both the game and the Rocky Mountains? Check out the seats in the 500s. But be prepared for the price - tickets can range anywhere from $65 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the section and opponent. However, any true Broncos fan would tell you that every penny is worth it for that one-of-a-kind experience.

Now, the heart of football is in its rivalries, and the Broncos are no strangers to fierce competition. The Kansas City Chiefs, with their shared history in the old AFL, have had a long-standing rivalry with the Broncos. Additionally, the heated battles against the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots have produced unforgettable showdowns. These high-stake games often come with a slight uptick in ticket prices, reflecting the demand for the primal drama of rivalry football.

One cannot truly appreciate the Denver Broncos without understanding the culture of the fans. Broncos Country is a vibrant, passionate community, stretching from the Rocky Mountains to every corner of the globe. Even in the coldest weather, the tailgating scene at Empower Field is hot with sizzling grills, spirited chants, and heartwarming camaraderie.

The Broncos' history is packed with iconic players too. From Floyd Little, the franchise's first true star, to the renowned John Elway and Peyton Manning, these players have not just filled the team's trophy case but also ingrained themselves in the heart of Broncos Country.

And, while we celebrate the past, the Broncos are always looking to the future. The team’s roster is packed with talent, demonstrating a mix of experienced veterans and rising stars, ready to etch their own names in Broncos' history.

So, why should you venture out to a Broncos game? Because it's not just a game, it's an experience. It's the rush of the crowd, the thrill of the play, the beauty of the stadium, and the bond of Broncos Country. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a football enthusiast, or just looking for a fun day out, a Broncos game promises an unforgettable adventure.

Remember that attending a Denver Broncos game is not merely a spectator sport; it's a deep dive into a tradition that spans more than half a century. So, go on, get your ticket, don your orange and blue, and become a part of the legacy. After all, there’s nothing quite like the roar of the crowd at a Broncos game, with the majestic Rockies watching over us. The Mile High City is calling!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are the best affordable seats?
The upper levels, specifically in the corners of the stadium (Sections 503-504, 542-544), offer a decent view at a more budget-friendly price.
Where are the best premium seats?
The club level seats (Sections 300-316, 332-336) offer an excellent view of the action. These seats come with lounge access and other amenities but are on the pricier side.
Are there any unique amenities at the venue?
Absolutely! There’s the Mountain Village, an engaging fan zone offering a variety of food and drink options. For an elevated experience, the 5280 Club delivers luxury hospitality with an incredible view.
What's the best way to get to the stadium?
Parking can be tough on game day. Consider public transportation; the RTD's BroncosRide and Light Rail services drop off near the stadium.
Any advice on where to eat or drink in the stadium?
From Colorado burritos to gourmet sausages, the stadium offers a plethora of food options. Check out the Mile High Mountain Village, located on the stadium's south side, for food, drink, and pre-game entertainment.

Interesting Information about Denver Broncos

  • They started out in vertical-striped socks: When the Denver Broncos first began play in 1960 as part of the American Football League, their uniforms featured vertical-striped socks. The socks were so unattractive that when new uniforms were introduced in 1962, legend has it, the remaining socks were burned in a public ceremony!
  • The first AFL victory was theirs: The Denver Broncos won the first-ever American Football League game, defeating the Boston Patriots 13-10 on September 9, 1960.
  • Elway's dual draft: Not many people know this, but John Elway, one of the greatest Broncos of all time, was also drafted by the New York Yankees to play baseball.
  • The Mile High Thunder: Denver's stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, is one of the loudest in the NFL. It's not unusual for it to get so loud that it feels like an earthquake.
  • The Barrel Man: Tim McKernan, a superfan of the Broncos, attended every home game for over 30 years wearing nothing but a barrel, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat, earning him the nickname "The Barrel Man".