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Unlock the magic of live performances in cities across the United States and a selection in Canada through our platform. Whether you’re in New York or Los Angeles, Toronto, or Vancouver, we’re your go-to source for concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, and theater productions.

Cities are more than just geographical locations, they’re live entertainment just waiting to happen, each with its unique personality and offerings. Our platform is designed to capture every moment possible and serve it up to you.

In each major city, you’ll find an astonishing variety of musical genres waiting for you to go see live. Not just big names, but emerging talents and local musicians that make the scene vibrant. Cities like Nashville and Austin are perfect if you’re into live music; their streets are practically pulsating with rhythm. Cities with a strong jazz or blues tradition offer not just a performance but an experience that connects you to the city’s very soul.

When it comes to sporting events, think beyond the big leagues. Sure, cities like Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco offer top-notch basketball, baseball, and football games, but there’s more. Consider venturing into a soccer match in Portland or a hockey game in Montreal. Even better, look out for college games, where you can sense the raw energy of up-and-coming talent and the community spirit that’s often more intense than in professional settings.

If laughter is your best medicine, then cities like New York, Los Angeles and Toronto have a prolific comedy scene. You’ll discover a wide range of comedic styles, from improv and stand-up to satirical plays. These cities are incubators for comedians; it’s not unusual to stumble upon a future star while they’re still perfecting their craft in smaller venues.

Whether it’s Broadway in New York or other prestigious venues in cities like San Francisco and Chicago, the options are nearly endless. Don’t just aim for the blockbuster shows; give regional and independent theater a try. These often provide a fresh, innovative perspective and allow you to explore complex themes that might not make it to the larger stages. Cities like Minneapolis and Philadelphia have particularly thriving theater scenes that are less recognized but worth exploring.

By clicking on a city near you within our table, you’ll gain access to a carefully curated selection of events in that locale.

Each city offers a unique set of experiences that could captivate you in ways you never anticipated. Take your time to explore a curated array of upcoming events in the city near you. Whether you’re drawn to a groundbreaking theater production or an undiscovered musical gig, the nearby city has something exceptional just waiting to be found. Once you’ve pinpointed the event that perfectly matches your preferences, the next step is securing the best seats.