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Best Seats for a Calgary Flames Game

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The Calgary Flames call the Scotiabank Saddledome their home, a uniquely designed arena situated in Stampede Park, Calgary. With a capacity of 19,289 for hockey events, this arena offers a variety of seating options to fit your budget and viewing preferences. Arguably, the best seats in the house are located in Sections 109-111 and 121-123. These seats provide a balanced view of the rink, allowing you to see plays develop from both ends.

Ticket pricing varies significantly depending on the game and your seating choice. The nosebleeds, or upper-level seats, can start as low as $30. Meanwhile, if you're aiming for the "best seats," prepare to part with at least $250 per ticket. Package deals are sometimes available, offering a slight discount for those looking to attend multiple games.

When it comes to unforgettable moments, the Flames have had their fair share. The 1989 Stanley Cup final against the Montreal Canadiens remains a Cornerstone, being the only year the Flames clinched the championship. Moreover, their 2004 playoff run to the Finals reIgnited the city's love for the team, despite their ultimate defeat to the Tampa Bay Lightning. The electric atmosphere during these high-stakes games is an experience in itself, one that amplifies when rivals come to town.

Speaking of rivals, expect a larger crowd and a more raucous atmosphere when facing off against the Edmonton Oilers. Known as the "Battle of Alberta," this matchup brings out the passion in fans and players alike. Games against Vancouver Canucks also tend to pull in bigger crowds due to the geographical proximity and divisional implications. Another set of notable games are those against Original Six teams; these historic franchises attract a broad fan base and bring an extra layer of excitement.

In terms of historical matchups, apart from their storied rivalry with the Oilers, the Flames have had a contentious series against the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks, especially during playoff seasons. The tension in the arena during these matches is palpable, making them must-watch events if you're in Calgary.

The franchise itself was founded in 1972 as the Atlanta Flames before relocating to Calgary in 1980. Their arrival in Canada set the stage for enduring rivalries, primarily with teams like the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, representing The Clash of hockey cultures and traditions.

One tip for newcomers or those unfamiliar with the arena is to consider parking and accessibility when purchasing tickets. The Scotiabank Saddledome is well-served by public transport, but if you're driving, remember that parking can be both expensive and time-consuming, especially during high-profile games.

The Scotiabank Saddledome offers a range of experiences, from the wallet-friendly to the extravagant. Whether it's a regular season game or a high-stakes playoff match, there's something in it for every Flames fan. Your choice of seating can significantly impact your experience, so consider what you're willing to pay for that perfect view. Between the arena's atmosphere, the historical matchups, and the modern-day rivalries, a Flames game is not just another NHL event but an experience worth every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are the best seats at the Scotiabank Saddledome?
The best views are generally in the lower bowl center sections 105-107 and 118-120. You get a perfect center-ice perspective.
What are some affordable seating options?
For budget-friendly options, look towards the Press Level seating sections 314-320 and 337-343. These tickets typically start around $40 depending on the game.
What about premium seating options?
The Saddledome offers Club Seats, which include wider, cushioned seating, in-seat service, and access to the upscale Club lounges.
What amenities does the Saddledome offer?
The Saddledome has a variety of concessions offering classic hockey fare and local favorites. They also have several bars, an extensive merchandising store, and 'Flames Central,' an interactive zone for fans.
How's the parking situation?
The Saddledome offers a variety of parking options, with lots located around the arena. Rates vary, starting at around $15. It's also easily accessible by the Calgary CTrain Light Rail System for an easy commute.

Interesting Information about Calgary Flames

  • From Atlanta to Calgary: The Flames franchise didn't originally start in Calgary. They were initially the Atlanta Flames from 1972 to 1980 until relocating to Calgary.
  • Stanley Cup Victory: The Flames clinched their first and only Stanley Cup in 1989, and they remain the only relocated team to win a cup in a city other than its original location.
  • Name Origin: The Flames' name stems from the burning of Atlanta during the American Civil War, a historical reference that stuck even after their relocation.
  • Legendary #12: The Flames retired Jarome Iginla's #12 jersey in 2019. Iginla, a beloved figure, led the team to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2004.
  • Charitable Side: The Calgary Flames Foundation, the team's charitable arm, supports numerous causes in Alberta, emphasizing health, wellness, and education programs for families.