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Green and gold legends, boundless resilience.

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Apr 26

Fri . 07:05 PM

Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Apr 27

Sat . 04:05 PM

Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

Apr 28

Sun . 01:35 PM

Oakland Athletics at Baltimore Orioles

Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD

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Feb 25

Sun . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Dodgers

Camelback Ranch, Phoenix, AZ

Feb 26

Mon . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Arizona Diamondbacks at Oakland Athletics

Hohokam Stadium, Mesa, AZ

Feb 27

Tue . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Cleveland Guardians

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Feb 28

Wed . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: San Francisco Giants at Oakland Athletics

Hohokam Stadium, Mesa, AZ

Feb 29

Thu . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: San Diego Padres at Oakland Athletics

Hohokam Stadium, Mesa, AZ

Mar 01

Fri . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals

Surprise Stadium, Surprise, AZ

Mar 02

Sat . 03:10 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners

Peoria Sports Complex, Peoria, AZ

Mar 03

Sun . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics

Hohokam Stadium, Mesa, AZ

Mar 04

Mon . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Mar 06

Wed . 03:10 PM

Spring Training (Split Squad): Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

Tempe Diablo Stadium, Tempe, AZ
For a down-to-earth baseball experience soaked in tradition, look no further than the Oakland Coliseum, home to the Oakland Athletics or the A's. This stadium may not be a bastion of cutting-edge amenities, but it compensates with an authentic baseball atmosphere that is increasingly hard to find.

Now, seating is a serious business for anyone looking to maximize their game-day experience. For the closest view of the action, opt for sections 111-112. These sections put you in the vicinity of the dugouts and offer a comprehensive view of the field. In contrast, the Value Deck in sections 316-318 offers a budget-friendly alternative that still provides a satisfactory game-viewing experience. To distill it down: For the best seats, proximity and angle are key, and sections 111-112 generally provide that optimal mix.

But let’s talk timing. The Battle of the Bay against the San Francisco Giants is an annual highlight. Tickets for this series are hot commodities, and the stadium comes alive in a unique way. Beyond the Giants, divisional matchups like those against the Houston Astros or the Los Angeles Angels pack their own brand of fireworks and draw substantial crowds.

History adds another layer of intrigue. While recent years have been a mixed bag performance-wise, this team has seen eras of brilliance, with memorable wins like the '72-'74 three-peat in World Series Championships. They've gone head-to-head against titans like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in playoffs that are still talked about today. The A's have also been pioneers, with strategies like "Moneyball" making headlines and causing shifts in how the game is played and managed.

When it comes to ticket prices, they run the gamut. Bleacher seats or those in the third deck can dip as low as $15-20 depending on the game. If you're looking to upgrade, VIP seating and luxury boxes can surge over $150. Keep an eye on dynamic pricing especially for high-demand games where prices can inflate.

Secondary markets are an option but tread carefully. Stick to verified resellers to avoid counterfeit tickets. Remember, the risks are higher, but so are the potential rewards like last-minute discounts.

Getting there is straightforward. Ample parking surrounds the Coliseum, but public transit is a solid option with the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stopping right at the Coliseum station.

Whether you’re a long-time A's fan or a casual observer, a visit to the Oakland Coliseum offers something for every stripe of baseball enthusiast. From compelling matchups and a lively atmosphere to the unique charm of the stadium itself, it’s a locale that serves up baseball the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Do the Oakland Athletics have any quirky traditions?
Absolutely! One unique tradition is the "Bernie Lean," inspired by the song "Bernie Lean" by ATM & IMD. Fans sway side to side, mimicking the dance moves during games, creating a lively atmosphere.
Are there any famous movie scenes filmed at the Oakland Coliseum?
Yes! The iconic baseball film "Moneyball," starring Brad Pitt, was partially filmed at the Oakland Coliseum. It captured the Athletics' unconventional approach to building a winning team.
Are there any interesting ballpark snacks at the Oakland Coliseum?
You bet! One popular item is the "Coliseum Dog," a foot-long hot dog loaded with all the fixings. It's a delicious way to fuel up while enjoying the game.
Are there any beloved mascots cheering on the Oakland Athletics?
Of course! The Athletics have their lovable mascot, an elephant named Stomper. Stomper can be seen roaming the ballpark, spreading joy and high-fives to fans of all ages.
Who are the Oakland Athletics' biggest rivals in the MLB?
The Oakland Athletics have intense rivalries with a couple of teams that ignite the competitive fire. One notable rivalry is with the San Francisco Giants, known as the "Bay Bridge Series." This cross-bay showdown adds an extra level of excitement and bragging rights to the games. Additionally, the Athletics also share a spirited rivalry with the Los Angeles Angels, creating thrilling matchups filled with anticipation and fierce competition.

Interesting Information about Oakland Athletics

  • The Oakland Athletics have a rich history, dating back to their founding in Philadelphia in 1901 before moving to Kansas City in 1955 and eventually settling in Oakland in 1968.
  • The Athletics have a strong focus on player development, consistently producing talented players through their farm system, such as MVP winners Jose Canseco and Miguel Tejada.
  • The team is known for its "Moneyball" approach, utilizing data and analytics to build competitive teams on a limited budget, as showcased in the famous book and subsequent film.
  • The Oakland Coliseum, the team's home stadium, is the last remaining dual-purpose stadium in the MLB, serving as both a baseball and football venue.
  • The Athletics have a storied postseason history, including memorable World Series victories in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1989, and 1990, and notable playoff appearances in recent years, showcasing their enduring competitive spirit.