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When the Seattle Kraken entered the National Hockey League (NHL) for the 2021-2022 season, they weren't just another expansion team. The Kraken brought a new level of energy and excitement to the Pacific Northwest, unleashing a mythical beast on the ice and an uncontainable passion in the stands. Today, we're taking you on a whirlwind tour of the Kraken's fast-emerging legend.

Named after a mythical sea creature from Scandinavian folklore, the Kraken embodies the spirit of Seattle – a city known for its aquatic culture and vibrant energy. The logo, a beastly 'S' representing the Kraken, was an instant hit among fans, perfectly encapsulating the city's maritime history and the team's fearsome potential.

The team's home, Climate Pledge Arena, is a marvel in itself, living up to its name as the first net-zero carbon-certified arena in the world. If you're planning to catch a Kraken game, the lower bowl provides an incredible viewing experience, especially around center ice. Sections 101 and 119 get you close to the action, but for an elevated view, look to the upper bowl sections like 210 and 228. Tickets start from a reasonable $90 but can go higher depending on the game and seat location.

The Kraken's inaugural season has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Among their fiercest rivals already are the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames, and the Edmonton Oilers. The matches against these teams have brought some of the most intense moments, turning up the heat in the Pacific Division and stoking the fires of competition.

Kraken games aren't just about the competitive spirit, though. They're also about building a community. The team, the fans, the city – they're all part of the 'Kraken Family'. This sentiment was perfectly captured in a quote from defenseman Mark Giordano who said, "We're not just a team. We're a family. We fight for each other, we stand up for each other, and we strive to make our fans proud."

Historically, expansion teams in the NHL have faced uphill battles. The Kraken, however, have demonstrated that they're no pushovers. With a roster compiled from the 2021 Expansion Draft, the Kraken has showcased a blend of veteran experience and promising talent, and their performances have often defied the odds.

When the Kraken takes to the ice, it's not just a game; it's a spectacle. From the spine-tingling team introduction with a virtual sea monster swimming beneath the ice to the deafening roar of the home crowd, each game is a unique experience. And let's not forget the Kraken's goal celebration – a spine-chilling siren followed by a resounding CHANT from the crowd: "Release the Kraken!"

In their relatively short existence, the Seattle Kraken has made a significant impact in the NHL. They've established a dedicated fanbase, shown resilience on the ice, and Ignited rivalries that promise thrilling games for years to come. There's something brewing in the Pacific Northwest, and it's not just the coffee. It's the thunderous rise of the Seattle Kraken. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, join the chorus of the roaring crowd, and become a part of the Kraken family! The ice beckons!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is the Climate Pledge Arena located?
Climate Pledge Arena is located at 305 Harrison Street in the heart of Seattle, Washington.
What's the seating capacity?
The arena can host up to 17,100 spectators for NHL games, ensuring a loud and energetic environment.
Where are the best seats?
Premium seating is available in the lower bowl, particularly in sections 101 and 119 near center ice. For a more budget-friendly option with a good view, consider upper bowl sections like 210 and 228.
What are the ticket prices like?
Ticket prices vary based on the game and seating location. Prices generally start around $90 but can go higher for premium seats or high-demand games.
What amenities does the venue offer?
Climate Pledge Arena offers a range of amenities, including numerous food and beverage options, high-speed Wi-Fi, ADA accessible seating, and various sustainability features like EV charging stations and rainwater recapture systems.

Interesting Information about Seattle Kraken

  • Historic Name: The Seattle Kraken are the first team in any of the four major North American pro sports leagues to bear the name "Kraken". The name refers to a mythical sea monster from Scandinavian folklore, embodying the maritime culture of Seattle.
  • NHL's 32nd Team: The Kraken are the NHL's 32nd team and joined the league as an expansion team for the 2021-2022 season, providing an even split between the Eastern and Western conferences.
  • Unique Draft: In the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft, the Kraken selected one player from each of the existing 30 NHL teams (except for the Vegas Golden Knights). This created a diverse inaugural roster consisting of established veterans and promising young talents.
  • First Net-Zero Carbon Arena: The Kraken play their home games at Climate Pledge Arena, the world's first net-zero carbon certified arena in the world. This aligns with Seattle's commitment to sustainability.
  • Unique Goal Celebration: When the Kraken score a goal at home, a foghorn is sounded, followed by a siren and the crowd's resounding chant, "Release the Kraken!" This has quickly become one of the most recognized goal celebrations in the NHL.