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"Historic baseball team, Cincinnati's proud Reds."

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Jul 19

Fri . 06:45 PM

Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

Jul 20

Sat . 06:45 PM

Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

Jul 21

Sun . 01:35 PM

Cincinnati Reds at Washington Nationals

Nationals Park, Washington, DC

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Feb 25

Sun . 03:05 PM

Spring Training (Split Squad): Los Angeles Angels at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Feb 26

Mon . 03:05 PM

Spring Training (Split Squad): Seattle Mariners at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Feb 26

Mon . 03:10 PM

Spring Training (Split Squad): Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers

American Family Fields of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Feb 27

Tue . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs

Sloan Park, Mesa, AZ

Feb 29

Thu . 08:05 PM

Spring Training: Los Angeles Dodgers at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Mar 01

Fri . 08:05 PM

Spring Training: Arizona Diamondbacks at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Mar 02

Sat . 03:10 PM

Spring Training: Cincinnati Reds at Colorado Rockies

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale, AZ

Mar 03

Sun . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Cincinnati Reds at Kansas City Royals

Surprise Stadium, Surprise, AZ

Mar 04

Mon . 03:05 PM

Spring Training: Oakland Athletics at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ

Mar 06

Wed . 03:05 PM

Spring Training (Split Squad): Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds

Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear, AZ
The Cincinnati Reds, a team that’s been around since 1881, have a reputation for grit and a knack for captivating their fans. When you step into the Great American Ball Park, you're entering a space designed for modern baseball while paying homage to its heritage. This 42,319-seat stadium on the banks of the Ohio River serves up a mix of spectacular views and cozy vibes. If you're on the hunt for the best seats, consider the Diamond Club, which provides a perfect blend of comfort and sightlines.

Great American Ball Park has something for everyone, from kids eager to play in the Fan Zone to adults keen on exploring the craft beer options. As for seating, choices range from close-to-the-action Field Box spots to panoramic views from the Mezzanine. Tickets can start as low as $15 for upper-level seats on a weekday game against a lesser opponent. For more sought-after matchups or seats, prices can stretch into the hundreds.

A Reds game isn't just another entry on the sports calendar; it's a community event. Whether it's Opening Day, a staple of Cincinnati culture, or a playoff game, the atmosphere is electric. Memorable games? Who can forget the 1975 and 1976 Reds, better known as the Big Red Machine, sweeping the Yankees in the latter year's World Series? Or the 1990 Wire-to-Wire Reds, who led their division from start to finish and capped it off with a World Series win?

Rivalries are an integral part of the Reds' appeal. When the St. Louis Cardinals come to town, for instance, the energy in the park is palpable. Not to mention the Chicago Cubs, a rivalry that turns the stadium into a sea of red and blue. These games often sell out, and ticket prices can climb steeply, reflecting the high demand.

The Reds' history is populated with intriguing matchups, from perennial bouts with the Pittsburgh Pirates to historic showdowns with the Oakland Athletics. Knowing the context makes each game more than a nine-inning affair; it becomes a chapter in a long narrative that helps you appreciate the sport's nuances. Keep an eye on the schedule for these games; they're worth the price of admission.

For tickets, it's usually best to go through the Reds' official website for the most reliable selection. Secondary markets exist, but proceed with caution. Prices can fluctuate based on several factors: the opponent, the day of the week, even the weather. Weekday games, especially afternoon ones, are your best bet for budget-friendly options.

Seating at the ballpark isn't a one-size-fits-all proposition. Some fans may prioritize being close to the dugout to catch a tossed ball or maybe an autograph. Others may prefer the birds-eye view from the upper decks, providing an overview of the game's strategy. The key is to identify what makes a game special for you and to choose your seats accordingly.

To get the most out of a Reds game, understanding the dynamics—from the seats to the rivalries—is essential. It's this blend of competition, atmosphere, and community that makes a day at Great American Ball Park an event to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What makes the Cincinnati Reds historic?
The Cincinnati Reds are recognized as the first professional baseball team, established in 1869.
What was the Big Red Machine?
The "Big Red Machine" was the nickname given to the Reds team during the 1970s when they won multiple World Series titles.
Has a Cincinnati Reds player ever achieved a perfect game?
Tom Browning pitched a perfect game for the Reds on September 16, 1988, the only one in the franchise's history.
Who is the most famous player in Reds history?
This could be a matter of debate, but many fans would likely point to Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, or Joe Morgan.
Why do the Reds traditionally play the "first" game of the season?
As the first professional baseball team, the Reds traditionally played the first game of each season. This tradition was interrupted for a period of time but resumed in 2009.

Interesting Information about Cincinnati Reds

  • First Night Game under Lights: The Cincinnati Reds hosted the first Major League Baseball game played at night under lights. The historic event took place at Crosley Field on May 24, 1935, against the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • The Origins of the Mascot: The Reds' mascot, Mr. Redlegs, was created during the 1950s as a part of the team's rebranding. The mustachioed baseball-headed character wears an old-style Reds uniform and is a fan favorite.
  • Name Change: During the height of the Cold War in 1953, fearing anti-communist sentiment, the team temporarily changed its name from "Reds" to "Redlegs." The name was changed back to the Cincinnati Reds in 1959.
  • A Record for Consecutive Hits: On June 14, 1893, Reds outfielder Bug Holliday became the first Major League player to record a hit in nine consecutive at-bats.
  • Record Attendance: The largest crowd ever for a Cincinnati Reds game was on September 22, 1956. 38,362 fans packed into Crosley Field to watch the Reds play the Brooklyn Dodgers.