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Dec 01

Sun . 01:00 PM

Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders

Commanders Field, Landover, MD

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Jul 27

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Tennessee Titans Open Practice

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Aug 10

Sat . 07:00 PM

Preseason: San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Aug 17

Sat . 07:00 PM

Preseason: Seattle Seahawks at Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Aug 25

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PRESEASON Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints

Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Sep 08

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Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Sep 15

Sun . 01:00 PM

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Sep 22

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Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Sep 30

Mon . 07:30 PM

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL

Oct 13

Sun . 01:00 PM

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Nissan Stadium, Nashville, TN

Oct 20

Sun . 01:00 PM

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills

Highmark Stadium - NY, Orchard Park, NY
When you step into Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans, you're not just entering a sports venue; you're embarking on a thrilling journey that weaves through the annals of football history, taking you on a roller coaster ride of victories, rivalries, and unforgettable moments.

Founded in 1959 as the Houston Oilers, the Titans have had a storied legacy that extends beyond their relocation to the music city, of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1997. The Titans are an intrinsic part of the American Football League (AFL) history, being one of its charter members and winning the first two AFL Championships. The team's legacy continued even after the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, demonstrating its resilient spirit through times of change.

However, a Tennessee Titans game is about more than just history – it's about the electricity in the air, the heart-stopping plays, the collective roar of the crowd when the Titans score, and the experience of being in the midst of an ever-passionate Titans' fan base. For an unmatched viewing experience, securing seats in the lower bowl specifically sections 132-136, are often considered the best in the house. From these prime locations, fans get a close-up view of the team benches and can witness all the intricate details of the game as they unfold. Depending on the opponent and the significance of the match, ticket prices range broadly, typically starting around $50 for nosebleed seats and going well over $250 for the premium views.

And oh, the rivalries! Games featuring the Titans and the Indianapolis Colts have become an unmissable spectacle since the teams became division rivals in 2002. The legendary battles between the quarterbacks Peyton Manning of the Colts and Steve McNair of the Titans in The Early 2000s have left fans with indelible memories. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the Titans have also shared a heated rivalry that emerged when the Titans defeated the Jaguars twice in the 1999 playoffs on their way to Super Bowl XXXIV. Don't miss out when the Houston Texans, the newest entrant to these rivalries, come to town; it's the Oilers legacy against its present, a battle not just for supremacy but for pride and honor.

The Titans are more than a football team; they represent a community united by the love of the game. You'll see this in the Titan Up campaign, a rallying cry that echoes through the streets of Nashville and the hearts of the fans, urging the team to tighten its grip on the game.

One can't help but be pulled in by the culture of Nashville itself, a city renowned for its vibrant music scene, mouth-watering southern cuisine, and warm hospitality. Attending a Titans game is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in the rhythm of this city. You'll find yourself spontaneously line-dancing with locals or embarking on a culinary adventure that will take your taste buds on a delightful journey.

Whether you're a die-hard fan, a casual viewer, or someone looking to experience the rush of an NFL game, a Tennessee Titans game offers an experience that goes beyond the four quarters of play. It's a spectacle filled with emotion, adrenaline, camaraderie, and good old-fashioned fun. Grab your jersey, prep your game Face, and be a part of the legendary Titans experience. Don't just watch the game, live it! Because, as any Titans fan would tell you, there's nothing quite like being there.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are the best affordable seats in Nissan Stadium?
While it depends on individual preferences, sections 312-315 offer an excellent view of the entire field at an affordable price, often starting around $50 depending on the game.
Where are the best high-end seats in Nissan Stadium?
The lower bowl sections 132-136 are fantastic for getting up close to the action and near the players' bench. Prices can range well over $250 depending on the match's significance.
Are there family-friendly amenities at the stadium?
Absolutely! The Nissan Stadium offers a Family Zone with games and activities, and family restrooms are available throughout the venue.
What food options are available at the stadium?
Nissan Stadium offers a variety of food options, including traditional game day foods like hot dogs and pretzels, BBQ specialties, and unique offerings like Nashville hot chicken. There are also numerous beverage options, including craft beers and cocktails.
What about accessibility in the stadium?
Nissan Stadium is fully equipped for all guests, with ramps, elevators, and accessible seating available. Wheelchair service and accessible shuttle services are also provided to enhance the experience of all fans.

Interesting Information about Tennessee Titans

  • Two Lives: The Tennessee Titans were not always the Titans. The team was initially known as the Houston Oilers, founded in 1959. They relocated to Tennessee in 1997 and were known as the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons before their current name was adopted in 1999.
  • Music City Miracle: One of the most iconic plays in NFL history belongs to the Titans, famously known as the "Music City Miracle." This was a last-second, 75-yard kickoff return touchdown that led them to a playoff win over the Buffalo Bills in 2000.
  • Super Bowl Narrow Miss: The Titans' one and only Super Bowl appearance was in 2000 (Super Bowl XXXIV). They narrowly missed out on victory when WR Kevin Dyson was tackled just one yard short of a game-tying touchdown as time expired.
  • Eclipse Game: On August 21, 2017, the Titans held a preseason game during the solar eclipse. This game marked the first time in NFL history that a game coincided with a total solar eclipse.
  • Draft Record: The Titans hold a unique record from the 2005 NFL Draft. The team selected three players from one school (University of Oklahoma) in the first three rounds. It's a feat that hasn't been matched since!