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United States entertainment venues are as diverse as the events they host. Their size, atmosphere, and amenities can vastly influence the experience of a live event, whether it’s a concert, sporting event, theater, or comedy show. As such, these venues are a crucial part of the entertainment ecosystem and worth exploring in depth. Now is the time to go over some venues near you. Use the search bar above to find any venue, big or small in the United States. You’ll get a full breakdown of that location and ticket prices.

When it comes to concerts, the size of the venue often dictates the intimacy and acoustics of the experience. At smaller venues like Los Angeles’s Troubadour or Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club, you’re not just going for the music; you’re going for the up-close connection with the artists. These venues are known for their impeccable acoustics, and they draw a spectrum of talent, from emerging artists to established acts.

On the other end are the larger concert venues like the United Center in Chicago and the KIA Forum in Los Angeles. Here, the focus is on creating a spectacle. High-definition jumbotrons, state-of-the-art sound systems, and seating for tens of thousands are all standard features. These venues attract top-tier talent and are the go-to spots for major tours and events.

The same spectrum exists for sporting event venues. Small, community-focused venues like New York’s Mercury Lounge or the Charleston Music Hall offer a cozy, family-friendly environment. Here, it’s easy to get up close to the action, and the focus is often on local or less mainstream sports.

Contrast that with the monoliths of the sporting world: venues like AT&T Stadium in Texas, the home of the Dallas Cowboys, or Boston’s historic Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. These venues can host upwards of 100,000 fans and come equipped with features like retractable roofs, luxury suites, and even art installations. They serve as the epicenter for major league sports, drawing fans from across the nation.

Theater and comedy venues follow similar lines. Small venues like First Avenue Minneapolis or New York’s Off-Broadway theaters provide intimate settings that are ideal for thought-provoking plays and comedies. The performers are just a few feet away, making for an engaging and intimate experience.

However, for those interested in large-scale productions, venues like Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center or Los Angeles’s Pantages Theatre offer exactly that. They’re the venues of choice for Broadway-level productions, operas, and ballets.

Similarly, comedy venues range from intimate clubs like Detroit House of Comedy or Zanies in Chicago, known for their focus on emerging talent, to larger establishments like Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway in New York and Fox Theatre Atlanta, which host some of the biggest names in the industry.

Use our search bar to find any location near you. There are so many to choose from so pay attention as you go through them all.