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Boxing itself has an intricate history, dating back to ancient civilizations but modernized in the 18th century in Britain. As it evolved, so did its formats. Today, there are multiple types of events you can attend. There are traditional 12-round bouts, the kind you see in most world championships. Then there are specialty events, such as exhibition matches where legends come out of retirement for a night of nostalgia. Of course, there are amateur matches, showcasing athletes hungry for their shot at stardom. And let’s not forget women’s boxing, which has surged in popularity, producing matches as thrilling as their male counterparts.

As the sport has grown in complexity, so have its venues. Today’s boxing events are held in settings as varied as the fighters themselves—from mammoth arenas filled with tens of thousands of fans to intimate local gyms where every shout from the crowd is audible. What remains constant is the electric atmosphere, a blend of tension, excitement, and anticipation that only a live boxing match can provide.

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