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Best Seats for a Nashville Predators Game

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The Nashville Predators have been a compelling story in the NHL since their arrival in 1998. Playing at the Bridgestone Arena, smack dab in the middle of downtown Nashville, the Predators have built a vibrant fan culture around their team. When it comes to best seats, consider sections 105-107 or 113-115. These sections are center ice, providing optimal sightlines for all the action. The catch? Tickets here can start at $150 and easily climb much higher, especially for marquee matchups.

For those who want to catch the game without breaking the bank, the upper-level sections, 301-334, offer a more budget-friendly alternative. Tickets can go as low as $40, and you'll still feel the game's energy, albeit from a distance. These seats offer a good balance between cost and visibility and are an excellent choice for families or larger groups.

Memorable moments? Nashville's run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017 stands out. The atmosphere in Bridgestone was electric, particularly during home wins against the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference Final. That postseason run galvanized the city and elevated the team's profile within the league, making them a staple in the playoff picture in subsequent years.

In terms of rivalries, matches against the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues, and Detroit Red Wings often see elevated crowd energy and ticket demand. The bad blood between the Predators and Blackhawks has been brewing for years and always promises fierce competition. Tickets for these games usually sell out quickly, so it’s best to lock those in early.

Let's take a moment to appreciate how far this franchise has come. Back in 1998, the NHL was entering new territory by placing a team in Tennessee. While The Early years were a grind, Nashville began to turn heads with a unique defensive style of play and phenomenal goaltending. They've squared off against teams like the San Jose Sharks, Arizona Coyotes, and Dallas Stars in memorable playoff series over the years. As the team's reputation grew, so did the intensity of these matchups.

Ticket pricing varies significantly depending on the game. When the Predators Face off against less-competitive teams, especially during weekday games, you can often snag upper-level tickets for around $40. However, when the high-profile rivals come to town, particularly on weekends or holidays, ticket prices can surge. Lower-level seats may jump to $200 or more, and even upper-level seats can cost upward of $70. However, if you're looking for a deal, keep an eye on mid-week games and occasional promotions that can add extra value to your ticket, like bundled food and drink specials or merchandise.

If luxury is more your speed, consider one of Bridgestone's premium options. While the Lexus Lounge and club seats offer high-end amenities like exclusive entrances, in-seat service, and premium dining options, they also come with a higher price tag, often exceeding $300 a seat. These are ideal for impressing a client or celebrating a special occasion.

If it's a family outing or a night out with friends, whether you're splurging on the best seats or hunting for a bargain, a game at the bridgestone Arena promises a unique blend of Southern hospitality and the high-speed excitement of NHL hockey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is the best place to sit in the Bridgestone Arena?
The lower bowl sections 105-107 and 115-117 offer some of the best views as they're near center ice. But truly, there isn't a bad seat in the house!
Are there affordable seating options at Bridgestone Arena?
Yes, for those seeking more budget-friendly options, the 300-level seats, though higher up, still offer great sightlines of the ice and start around $40.
Are there luxury seating options at Bridgestone Arena?
Certainly! The Lexus Lounge and All-Inclusive Zones offer all-inclusive food and beverage options with fantastic views. For a truly premium experience, consider one of the 72 private suites that come with luxury amenities and seating for 16-20 guests.
What food options are available in the arena?
The Bridgestone Arena offers a variety of dining options, from traditional game day fare like hot dogs and pretzels, to local favorites like Nashville hot chicken. There are also numerous vegetarian and gluten-free options available.
What's the best way to get to Bridgestone Arena?
Located in downtown Nashville, Bridgestone Arena is accessible by public transit and ride-share services. There are also several parking options nearby, but it's advisable to reserve your spot in advance on game days to ensure convenience.

Interesting Information about Nashville Predators

  • A Saber-toothed Secret: The Predators' logo, a ferocious saber-toothed tiger, is inspired by a fascinating archaeological find. In 1971, a partial skeleton of a saber-toothed tiger was discovered during the construction of the First American National Bank in Nashville, a fact not known to many!
  • Music City Connections: Known for their integration into Nashville's music scene, the Predators often have live bands playing during intermissions and breaks, contributing to the unique, energetic atmosphere in Bridgestone Arena.
  • The Rinne Legacy: Pekka Rinne, the Predators' legendary goaltender, holds the record for most games played in the franchise history and was the first player in the team's history to win the Vezina Trophy (2018) for being the best goaltender in the NHL.
  • Catfish Tradition: The Predators' fans have a unique tradition of throwing catfish onto the ice during home games, a Nashville spin on the Detroit Red Wings' custom of tossing octopuses.
  • Golden Moments: The Predators made their first Stanley Cup Final appearance in 2017, which, though they didn't clinch the title, was a golden moment that highlighted the team's relentless determination.