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Nov 24

Sun . 01:00 PM

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders

Commanders Field, Landover, MD

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Aug 11

Sun . 04:25 PM

Preseason: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA

Aug 17

Sat . 10:00 PM

Preseason: Dallas Cowboys at Las Vegas Raiders

Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 24

Sat . 04:00 PM

Preseason: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sep 08

Sun . 04:25 PM

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, OH

Sep 15

Sun . 01:00 PM

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sep 22

Sun . 04:25 PM

Baltimore Ravens at Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Sep 26

Thu . 08:15 PM

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Oct 06

Sun . 08:20 PM

Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers

Acrisure Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA

Oct 13

Sun . 04:25 PM

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Oct 27

Sun . 08:20 PM

Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers

Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA
In the vast landscape of the National Football League, few teams command the gravitas and allure of the Dallas Cowboys. Known affectionately as "America's Team," the Cowboys have stamped their boots firmly into the turf of football history, delivering legendary games, unforgettable players, and a fan experience that is second to none.

Founded in 1960, the Dallas Cowboys have a storied past glittering with success. With five Super Bowl Championships, the team has exhibited a level of excellence that consistently electrifies the fan base and captivates even the casual observer. A Dallas Cowboys game isn't just an event – it's a spectacle, a celebration, and a testament to the unwavering spirit of one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

One of the most diStinguishing aspects of a Cowboys game is the venue itself – the AT&T Stadium. With its retractable roof and mammoth HD video screen that spans from one 20-yard line to the other, the stadium is more than just a place to watch football. It's an experience, a cathedral of modern technology where the roar of the crowd echoes against state-of-the-art architecture.

When it comes to enjoying a Cowboys game in person, seats matter. Affordable yet good views can be found in the upper concourse, sections 401-420. Here, you're poised at an excellent vantage point to take in all the action without breaking the bank, with tickets starting at around $75. However, if you wish to splurge, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the premium club seating sections C210-C220. With great sightlines, access to upscale dining options, and private entrances, these seats are a dream for any football fan, with prices often exceeding $350 per ticket.

The Cowboys' storied history is steeped in fierce rivalries, producing some of the most thrilling games in the league. Topping the list is the showdown with the Washington Football Team. The rivalry, which has simmered since Dallas's inception in 1960, often spills over Thanksgiving Day, making the holiday showdowns a staple for many football fans. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Cowboys have been entangled in a gritty duel that has become one of the most-watched games in the NFL. And the on-field battle with the New York Giants always promises high drama and spectacular gameplay, thanks to Decades of divisional contention.

But a Dallas Cowboys game is more than just the on-field action. It's tailgating under the Texas sky, feasting on smoky barbecue and sipping cold brews. It's being part of the sea of blue and white, feeling your heart pound with every pass and tackle. It's participating in age-old traditions and making memories that last long after the final whistle.

Beyond the stadium, there's the charm of Dallas – a city where Southern hospitality meets modern urban Chic. Whether it's indulging in the city's famous Tex-Mex and steakhouse offerings, exploring the vibrant arts district, or soaking in live music, there's no shortage of adventures waiting for you.

Whether you're a die-hard fan, a football novice, or someone just looking for an unforgettable time, a Dallas Cowboys game is a must. It's not just about watching football. It's about experiencing it, living it, and being part of something bigger than yourself. Don your Cowboys jersey, gather your friends, and come be a part of the legendary Dallas Cowboys experience. In Dallas, football isn't just a sport. It's a way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are the best affordable seats in AT&T Stadium?
Upper concourse seats, specifically in sections 401-420, offer a high, comprehensive view of the field at a reasonable price, usually starting around $75.
Where are the best high-end seats in AT&T Stadium?
For a more luxurious experience, the premium club seating sections C210-C220 are your best bet. They offer great sightlines, access to upscale dining, and private entrances, with ticket prices typically starting over $350.
What food and beverage options are available?
The stadium offers a wide variety of food options, from classic stadium fare to gourmet offerings. You can enjoy anything from a traditional hot dog to sushi, Texas BBQ, and more. Beer, wine, and cocktails are available throughout the venue.
What family-friendly amenities does AT&T Stadium offer?
There are dedicated family restrooms and a nursing room for mothers. You'll also find a Kids Zone with interactive games and activities.
How accessible is AT&T Stadium?
AT&T Stadium is fully equipped for guests with disabilities, offering wheelchair-accessible seating, parking, and restrooms. The venue also offers assisted listening devices and sign language interpreters upon request.

Interesting Information about Dallas Cowboys

  • Cheerleading Pioneers: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are iconic in their own right. Formed in 1972, they were the first to bring a high-energy dance style to the sidelines, setting a precedent for NFL cheerleading squads nationwide.
  • Stadium Marvel: The Cowboys' AT&T Stadium features the world's 29th largest high definition video screen, which stretches from one 20-yard line to the other.
  • Art Aficionados: The AT&T Stadium is also an art museum, featuring a curated collection of contemporary art. It's one of the only professional sports venues to do so.
  • Thanksgiving Tradition: The Dallas Cowboys have played a game on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1966, except in 1975 and 1977. These games are often among the highest-rated games of the season.
  • America's Team: The Cowboys were nicknamed "America's Team" in 1978. The name originated from the team's 1978 highlight film, where the narrator opens with, "They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, America's Team."