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Welcome to the hub for all things Alternative. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of artists who have transformed the Alternative genre into a kaleidoscope of sub-genres and styles. From the emotive lyrics of bands like Radiohead to the grunge-inspired riffs of Pearl Jam, our selection promises a vibrant concert-going experience for any fan of this versatile genre.

Alternative music is an umbrella term that originated in the 1980s but gained mainstream traction in the 1990s. Though often seen as the antithesis of mainstream pop and rock, the genre is itself a chameleon, absorbing elements from punk, metal, and even folk music. Alternative has since branched into sub-genres like indie rock, post-punk, and alt-country, among others, and remains an essential part of today’s musical landscape.

Many bands and artists have ridden the wave of Alternative’s ever-changing tide and are still actively touring. One can’t talk about current Alternative music without mentioning the Arctic Monkeys, who have achieved both critical and commercial success with their unique blend of indie rock and post-punk elements. Likewise, The Black Keys keep the bluesy side of Alternative alive, delivering powerful live performances that rival their studio recordings. Then there’s Tame Impala, blending psych-rock with modern-day electronic elements, offering a mesmerizing live experience.

But the scene isn’t just dominated by established acts. A host of new artists, including Phoebe Bridgers and Mac DeMarco, bring fresh perspectives to the genre. These musicians are pushing the boundaries of Alternative, giving fans a reason to be excited about the genre’s future.

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