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Oct 07

Mon . 08:00 PM

Preseason: Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs

Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, TX

Oct 09

Wed . 08:00 PM

Preseason: Orlando Magic at San Antonio Spurs

Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, TX

Oct 12

Sat . 08:00 PM

Preseason: Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs

Frost Bank Center, San Antonio, TX

Oct 15

Tue . 07:30 PM

Preseason: San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat

Kaseya Center, Miami, FL
When the topic turns to NBA legacy, it's impossible to overlook the San Antonio Spurs. The home games at the AT&T Center provide not just a sporting event but a cultural experience, embodying the spirit of the San Antonio community. With a seating capacity of about 18,000, the arena offers a variety of experiences for fans, whether you’re in the nosebleeds or enjoying the game courtside. For those seeking the best seats, sections 6, 20, and 26 give a fantastic mid-court view.

The Spurs are a franchise steeped in history, with five NBA championships under their belt. Memorable games? Plenty. Perhaps most striking was their 2014 Finals win against the Miami Heat, avenging the heartbreaking loss from the previous year and doing it in a fashion that could be described as basketball poetry. Other iconic games include their 1999 Finals win against the New York Knicks, marking their first NBA championship and setting the stage for future triumphs.

High-profile games and rivalries are a different beast. Look to the matchups with the Houston Rockets or Dallas Mavericks to see Texan pride on full display. The Spurs' longstanding history with the Los Angeles Lakers also means a packed house and a crackling atmosphere. When you see these teams on the schedule, get your tickets early. It's not just a basketball game; it's an event.

While the Spurs have been a model of consistency, they didn't start at the top. Founded in 1967 as a part of the American Basketball Association (ABA), the Spurs became a part of the NBA in 1976. Players like George Gervin, David Robinson, and later Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili, defined different eras of Spurs basketball. With a coaching legend like Gregg Popovich at the helm since 1996, they’ve maintained a strong competitive streak, becoming a fixture in the postseason and a symbol of basketball excellence.

Now, let’s talk about ticket prices and seating. For those on a budget, you can find upper-level seats starting at around $25. If you want to take it up a notch but still not break the bank, lower-level corner seats generally go for $75 to $150. Of course, if you're eyeing the best seats, particularly in sections 6, 20, or 26, be prepared to pay north of $250, with prices varying significantly based on the opponent and the importance of the game.

The arena also offers more than just seats. You have suites and box options if you’re looking to splurge or make a business impression. These generally start at around $3,000 and offer amenities like in-suite catering and VIP parking.

Getting tickets early is advisable, especially for marquee matchups. Prices are subject to change as game day approaches, and desirable sections sell out quickly. Secondary marketplaces are an option, but exercise caution to ensure you're purchasing verified tickets.

The Spurs offer a basketball culture and a superior fan experience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual spectator, understanding the lay of the land in terms of seating and ticket pricing can make your AT&T Center experience unforgettable. From capturing the best seats to soaking in the Spurs' storied history, attending a game in San Antonio is more than a sporting event—it's a rite of passage for any true basketball fan.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where are the best affordable seats at the AT&T Center?
Balcony seats offer a good view at affordable prices.
Where are the premium seats located?
Lower level seats and courtside seats provide a premium viewing experience.
What amenities does the AT&T Center offer?
The AT&T Center offers various food and beverage options, merchandise shops, and comfortable seating.
How can I buy tickets for a Spurs game?
Tickets can be purchased through the Spurs' official website or on
Are there accommodations for fans with disabilities?
Yes, the AT&T Center offers wheelchair-accessible seating, restrooms, and parking.

Interesting Information about San Antonio Spurs

  • Consistent Excellence: The Spurs have made the playoffs in all but four of their 45+ seasons in the NBA.
  • Legendary Figures: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginóbili won a combined 10 NBA Championships with the Spurs.
  • Coaching Brilliance: Head coach Gregg Popovich is one of the most respected and successful coaches in NBA history.
  • Rivalries: The Spurs have a historic rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, characterized by memorable playoff battles.
  • Global Influence: The Spurs have been pioneers in scouting international players, such as Manu Ginóbili (Argentina) and Tony Parker (France).