Cold War Kids

Indie, Rock, Funky.

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Oct 16

Wed . 10:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands (16+)

House of Blues - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Oct 18

Fri . 10:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

Oct 19

Sat . 10:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

Washington's, Fort Collins, CO

Oct 21

Mon . 09:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

The Admiral, Omaha, NE

Oct 22

Tue . 09:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

Val Air Ballroom, West Des Moines, IA

Oct 24

Thu . 09:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

The Sylvee, Madison, WI

Oct 25

Fri . 07:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

HI-FI Annex, Indianapolis, IN

Oct 26

Sat . 09:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands (18+)

Cannery Hall, Nashville, TN

Oct 28

Mon . 08:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

The Signal, Chattanooga, TN

Oct 31

Thu . 08:00 PM

Cold War Kids with Husbands

The Fillmore - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Cold War Kids, the indie rock band from Long Beach, California, have been making waves since their formation in 2004. With a distinctive blend of blues, soul, and rock, their music has earned a dedicated following. But where this band truly shines is on stage. Their live performances are a dynamic Tour de Force, filled with unbridled energy and palpable emotion.

They gained initial traction through the underground circuit, especially after the release of their debut album "Robbers & Cowards." Over the years, they've shared the stage with fellow indie bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Ra Ra Riot. This exposure led to bigger and better opportunities, including festival slots and larger headlining shows.

Venues make all the difference when it comes to live music, and the cold War Kids are masters at adapting their performances to match the environment. Take The Crocodile in Seattle for example—a smaller, more intimate venue that allows for a closer connection between the band and the Audience. Here, proximity to the stage is critical for the best seats, offering the rawest experience of their potent lyrics and foot-Stomping rhythms.

In contrast, larger venues like The Armory in Minneapolis bring a different dynamic altogether. Such expansive settings are less intimate but offer superior acoustics and dramatic lighting options, enhancing the overall concert experience. To get the best seats in a larger venue, aim for front-row spots in the seated sections or a strategic location near the soundboard for optimal audio quality.

Ticket prices can fluctuate based on the venue and location, but generally, you can expect a range. In smaller venues, tickets could be as low as $25-$30 for general admission. However, if you're looking for a more curated experience, VIP packages can go upwards of $100 and may include perks like exclusive merchandise or early entry. In larger venues, standard tickets typically start around $40 and can go up to $150 for the best seats or VIP packages.

But it's not just the price you should consider. Cold War Kids have a penchant for Switching up their setlists, incorporating a balanced mix of their hits, Deep Cuts, and occasional covers. Therefore, the right seat can elevate the Musical experience from a mere auditory feast to a multisensory spectacle.

Their versatility and passionate performances make Cold War Kids a must-see live act. Whether you prefer a smaller, grunge-infused environment or a larger, more polished setting, a bit of forethought in selecting your seats can make all the difference. The band thrives on audience energy, and the closer you are to the action, the more electric your experience will be. So when buying tickets, take a moment to strategize your seating for an unforgettable live music event.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of music does Cold War Kids play?
Cold War Kids play a mix of indie rock and funk music.
What is the best way to get tickets to a Cold War Kids show?
The best way to get tickets to a Cold War Kids show is to purchase them online from a trusted ticket provider.
How long have Cold War Kids been performing?
Cold War Kids have been performing since 2004.
What is the best way to experience a Cold War Kids show?
The best way to experience a Cold War Kids show is to get as close to the stage as possible and enjoy the energy of the performance.
Are there any special offers for Cold War Kids tickets?
Yes, there are often special offers available for Cold War Kids tickets, so be sure to check with your ticket provider for the latest deals.

Interesting Information about Cold War Kids

  • Cold War Kids formed in 2004 and have released seven studio albums.
  • The band has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe.
  • Cold War Kids have been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy.
  • The band has collaborated with artists such as The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips.
  • Cold War Kids have performed at festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza.