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Raucous, Riveting, Raw.

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From the grungy basements to large stages, The Spits have carved out a reputation for delivering high-energy punk rock performances that stick to your brain long after the amps are turned off. Born from the grit and DIY ethic of the punk underground, brothers Sean and Erin Wood formed the band in Michigan during the mid-'90s. Over the years, the band's lineup has seen various changes, but The Wood Brothers have remained the core driving force. The Spits have been synonymous with raucous punk energy, often compared to or sharing stages with bands like FIDLAR, Black Lips, and Jay Reatard.

One of the most memorable gigs from their past tours includes a show at The Echo in Los Angeles, a smaller, more intimate venue where the band’s raw energy could envelop the room without overwhelming it. Contrast that with a performance at Brooklyn’s larger Warsaw venue, and you can start to understand the range and adaptability of the band. While the smaller venue gives you an up-close and personal experience with the chaos, the larger venues offer room for mosh pits, greater visual spectacle, and often a more sonically polished presentation.

Now, for those looking for the best seats, it's imperative to understand that The Spits is a stand-and-shake-it kind of act. The experience you get upfront at a venue like The Space Ballroom in Hamden, Connecticut, will be visceral, but standing towards the back near the soundboard at, say, The Independent in San Francisco, offers a balanced audio experience.

Ticket pricing for a Spits concert is relatively budget-friendly. At a smaller venue, you could snag a ticket for as low as $15-$20, depending on the city. Larger venues may push the price to around $35-$50, especially if it's part of a festival or a special event. VIP options are generally sparse but if available, may range up to $100, offering an opportunity for early entry or exclusive merchandise.

The band is notorious for its unpredictable shows, filled with crowd surfing, beer-slinging, and makeshift costumes. During one legendary concert in Seattle, at The Funhouse, they performed with their signature stage personas, including creepy masks that add an element of eerie spectacle to their raw musical performance. If you're around the Philadelphia area, keep an eye out for shows at Johnny Brenda’s, a venue known for hosting indie and punk acts, offering both a main floor and an elevated area for various viewing preferences.

The Spits' no-frills, punch-to-the-gut musical style is best enjoyed live, where the atmosphere is as electric as the guitars are loud. Over the years, they've become more than a band; they’re a testament to the enduring spirit of punk rock, a spirit that refuses to die or even mellow with age. Catching a Spits concert is not just about listening to music; it’s about becoming part of a shared energy, a collective vibe that only a few bands can genuinely offer. With a Spits concert, you’re not just getting a show; you’re getting an experience. And whether you're an old-school punk looking to recapture that early raw energy or a newcomer searching for an authentic musical adventure, The Spits never disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does The Spits play?
The Spits play a mix of punk, garage, and rock music.
What kind of atmosphere can I expect at a The Spits concert?
The Spits concerts are always high energy and full of excitement.
How long have The Spits been performing?
The Spits have been performing since the late 90s.
What kind of venues do The Spits usually play?
The Spits usually play at smaller, intimate venues.
What should I wear to a The Spits concert?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but be prepared to dance and have a good time!

Interesting Information about The Spits

  • The Spits have released five studio albums since their formation in the late 90s.
  • The Spits have toured extensively throughout the US and Europe.
  • The Spits have been featured in numerous magazines and television shows.
  • The Spits have been praised for their high-energy live shows.
  • The Spits have collaborated with several other bands and artists.