Groovy, Funky, Rockin', Soulful, Joyful.

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Yacht, the Los Angeles-based Electronic band known for its upbeat dance music and dynamic live performances, has evolved into a distinctive act in the indie-electro landscape. With beginnings as a solo project by Jona Bechtolt, Yacht expanded with the addition of Claire L. Evans, whose magnetic stage presence has become an integral part of the band's identity.

The band's journey from underground shows to larger, popular music festivals is a testament to their expansive sound that blends sharp electronic beats with a punk ethos. Not just confined to the studio, Yacht’s energetic performances are designed for the live stage, from dimly-lit clubs to the Bright Lights of festival circuits. They’ve played cities coast to coast, from the eclectic vibes of Portland's Holocene to the historic walls of The basement in Nashville, each venue adding its color to Yacht's vibrant performances.

Yacht shares a kinship with bands like LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip, with whom they've shared the stage and sonic space in their synth-pop and electronic melodies. Their sound is one that gets people moving, a rhythm that becomes the pulse of the room. In venues like The Echo in Los Angeles or the Echoplex down the street, the band brings the crowd into their world, one where the beat is king and the dance floor is a haven for all.

For fans, scoring the best seats at a Yacht show can make all the difference. The intimate connection that comes with being close to the action, feeling each synth and bass thump, transforms the concert into an immersive experience. While the energy of Yacht’s shows fills the entire space, there’s nothing quite like watching the group’s electric performance up close.

Tickets to see Yacht live are a gateway to a night of unbridled energy and infectious music. Entry-level tickets are typically priced for fans who are looking for the live experience without a sTrain on their wallets. Those willing to spend more have options for premium spots, where the visual and auditory experience is unparalleled. Yacht’s appeal is their accessibility; whether front row or the back bar, attendees are guaranteed a memorable show.

Every city they play in captures a different essence of Yacht’s electric personality. From the indie vibes of First Avenue in Minneapolis to the historic grandeur of New Orleans' Preservation Hall, the settings across the United States are as diverse as their music. In Philadelphia, the World Cafe Live mirrors the eclectic spirit of Yacht, while in San Francisco, The Independent's up-close and personal feel amplifies the intimate experience of their performance.

One of the joys of attending a Yacht concert is that the venue becomes a character in itself, a partner to the music that enhances the listening experience. In places like The Social in Orlando or the Aladdin Theater in Portland, the venue's unique features resonate with Yacht's distinctive aesthetic, offering a complete sensory experience.

When planning to catch Yacht live, it’s not just about hearing the music; it’s about feeling the vibe of the room, joining in the collective movement, and letting loose to the band’s playful grooves. The band's performances are a promise of an evening where music and moment are inextricably linked, and where the rhythm is not just heard but felt. So, securing a ticket to a Yacht show is more than an evening out; it's an entry to an event where the dance floor is the main stage, and every beat is a call to move.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does Yacht play?
Yacht plays a mix of rock, funk, soul, and joyous music.
What is the best way to get Yacht tickets?
The best way to get Yacht tickets is to buy them online.
Is there a dress code for Yacht concerts?
No, there is no dress code for Yacht concerts.
Are there any age restrictions for Yacht concerts?
Yes, all Yacht concerts are for ages 18 and up.
Are there any special offers for Yacht tickets?
Yes, there are often special offers for Yacht tickets.

Interesting Information about Yacht

  • Yacht has been performing for over 10 years.
  • Yacht has released five studio albums.
  • Yacht has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe.
  • Yacht has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in the world.
  • Yacht has been featured on numerous television shows and radio stations.