Tash Sultana

Eclectic, soulful, captivating.

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Jul 05

Fri . 03:30 AM

Levitate Music & Arts Festival (3 Day Pass) with Sublime, Lake Street Dive, Mt. Joy and more

Marshfield Fairgrounds, Marshfield, MA

Jul 05

Fri . 05:00 PM

Tash Sultana with Flying Lotus

The Salt Shed - Outdoors, Chicago, IL

Jul 06

Sat . 12:00 PM

Levitate Music & Arts Festival (Saturday Pass) with Lake Street Dive, Tash Sultana, Cory Wong and more

Marshfield Fairgrounds, Marshfield, MA

Jul 11

Thu . 10:00 PM

Tash Sultana with Chiiild

Blue Note Summer Sessions, Napa, CA

Jul 13

Sat . 11:00 PM

Tash Sultana with Chiiild

Grand Sierra Theatre - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV

Jul 14

Sun . 11:00 PM

Tash Sultana with Chiiild

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
Tash Sultana has erupted onto the global music scene like a force of nature. With a reputation for exhilarating live performances and Musical prowess, this multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Australia is an act you won't want to miss. To elevate your concert experience, let's guide you through getting the best seats to witness the magic.

Emerging from Melbourne's local music scene, Sultana initially gained notoriety by sharing home recordings and live-looping videos on social media. Now a world-touring artist, Sultana's signature sound has been displayed on stages from the intimate setting of The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to large-scale venues like The Armory in Minneapolis. Whether in small clubs or expansive concert halls, Tash's artistry is palpable, creating an atmosphere that Audiences won't soon forget.

When we talk smaller venues like The Echo in Los Angeles, general admission tickets range from $35 to $50. These Spaces offer an intimacy that heightens the experience; you're not just attending a show, you're part of a communal event. In larger venues like KEMBA Live! in Columbus, Ohio, the options are more varied. You can secure a spot in the pit for around $80 to $100 or opt for elevated general admission seats for a more budget-friendly $50 to $70 range.

A venue's layout can make or break your concert experience. For instance, The Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington, has multiple tiers that allow for elevated viewing from almost any angle. On the flip side, the First Avenue in Minneapolis offers a flat layout but compensates with elevated side stages for those who prefer a bird's-eye view.

Now, about those best seats. Your ideal spot depends on what you want from the show. If you're keen on absorbing Tash's intricate live-looping and instrumental nuances, consider seats near the sound booth, which are generally engineered for the best acoustic experience. These usually go for a moderate price, offering a solid middle-ground between affordability and experience quality.

Past performances reveal a tendency for Tash Sultana to collaborate with diverse artists, from fellow Australian Matt Corby to Milky Chance. Each collaboration offers a unique flavor, so consider checking who the opening acts or special guests might be. It could add an unexpected but welcome dimension to your concert experience.

Dynamic pricing is often in play when it comes to ticket costs. If you're someone who likes to take risks, waiting until the last minute might result in discounted tickets. However, the best seats often get snagged early, so for those committed to an optimized experience, early purchases are a safer bet.

As for a wildcard suggestion: research Tash Sultana's previous setlists to anticipate mood shifts throughout the show. Some songs come with more elaborate lighting effects or visual elements, and knowing when these occur can elevate your experience.

In a music world often dominated by huge bands and over-the-top theatrics, Tash Sultana stands out for raw talent and emotive performances. Whether you're an old fan or new, make sure to catch this act live. With the right seats, you won't just witness a concert; you'll be part of a spellbinding musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of music does Tash Sultana play?
Tash Sultana plays a unique blend of soulful, eclectic music that captivates audiences.
How long are Tash Sultana concerts?
Tash Sultana concerts typically last around two hours.
What is the best way to get tickets for Tash Sultana?
The best way to get tickets for Tash Sultana is to purchase them online.
Are there any age restrictions for Tash Sultana concerts?
Most Tash Sultana concerts are all ages, however some venues may have age restrictions. Please check with the venue for more information.
What should I expect at a Tash Sultana concert?
Expect an amazing show full of soulful, eclectic music and captivating performances.

Interesting Information about Tash Sultana

  • Tash Sultana is an Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Tash Sultana has released two studio albums, Flow State and Notion.
  • Tash Sultana has toured extensively throughout Europe, North America, and Australia.
  • Tash Sultana has collaborated with artists such as Jack Garratt, Matt Corby, and The Cat Empire.
  • Tash Sultana has won numerous awards, including the ARIA Music Award for Best Blues & Roots Album.