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May 19

Sun . 04:30 PM

Drain, Madball, Terror, Scowl, Regulate, End It

The Brooklyn Monarch, Brooklyn, NY
Scowl, hailing from California, brings an intoxicating mix of hardcore punk with a sprinkling of metal influences that promises an electrifying experience for concert-goers. Their formation in the late 2010s caught the ears of those hungering for something beyond the conventional. Gritty vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and relentless drumming culminate in an atmosphere that's equally chaotic and cathartic. The band's 2021 debut LP "How Flowers Grow" was a declaration of intent, proving they're not just another fleeting entry in the hardcore scene.

At smaller venues like Wooly's in Des Moines, Iowa, Scowl's visceral energy is palpable. Here, the crowd's enthusiasm spills out as everyone tries to get closer to the stage, eager to be part of the action. But their prowess isn't confined to intimate settings. At more expansive venues, like the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey, the band's more elaborate lighting and visuals complement their music, offering a multi-sensory experience.

Let's talk about the best seats. In smaller venues, you might want to secure a spot right at the front if you're all about that up-close intensity. But if you prefer a bit more breathing room while still feeling the bass reverberate through you, a position midway between the stage and sound desk is often prime real estate. For larger venues, front and center is always great, but don't overlook the first elevated section from the stage; it offers a great vantage point without sacrificing audio quality.

Over the years, Scowl has toured with bands across the hardcore and punk spectrum, adding richness to their performances. Playing alongside acts like Drain and Dare has not only widened their fan base but also broadened their Musical horizons. They've showcased their raw energy in a variety of Spaces, from The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas, with its unfussy, almost grungy appeal, to the iconic Empire Garage in Austin, Texas, where the open-air setting adds a different dimension to their sound.

Ticket prices vary based on venue size and location. In smaller establishments, you could secure a spot for as low as $15 to $25. However, for bigger events and venues, ticket prices can range from $30 to $50. VIP experiences and premium packages, when available, can go up to $100 and may include swag, a chance to meet the band, or early entry.

Timing is crucial when grabbing your tickets. Scowl's growing popularity means that their concerts often sell out quickly, and nobody wants to resort to overpriced reSALES. Secure your tickets early, especially if you're keen on bagging those best seats, and set multiple reminders if needed.

Whether you find yourself jammed against the barrier at Alchemy in Providence, Rhode Island, or enjoy a more expansive atmosphere at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado, a Scowl concert is a vortex of sonic intensity you don't want to miss. Grab your tickets, find those perfect seats, and get ready for a night of unfiltered hardcore bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Scowl based?
Scowl is based in California, a significant region for hardcore music.
What is notable about their music?
Their sound revives the spirit of old-school hardcore music.
What themes do they explore?
Their songs frequently touch on angst, empowerment, and rebellion.
Are the members involved in other projects?
Yes, the band members have various musical pursuits aside from Scowl.
How can fans stay updated?
Fans can follow Scowl's active social media accounts for updates.

Interesting Information about Scowl

  • Scowl is part of a younger generation reviving old-school hardcore.
  • The band hails from California, a historic hotspot for punk and hardcore.
  • Their music leans into themes of angst, power, and rebellious spirit.
  • Members have other musical projects, showcasing their broad artistic skills.
  • Scowl maintains an active and approachable online presence for fans.