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Best Seats to see Periphery

Upcoming Events Calendar

May 08

Wed . 08:00 PM

Periphery (18+)

The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC

May 10

Fri . 07:30 PM


Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA

May 11

Sat . 06:30 PM


Jannus Live, Saint Petersburg, FL

May 13

Mon . 08:30 PM


Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN

May 14

Tue . 06:30 PM


Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH

May 16

Thu . 06:30 PM


Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON

May 17

Fri . 07:30 PM


MTELUS, Montreal, QC

May 18

Sat . 07:30 PM


Palladium Times Square, New York, NY
Periphery, the American progressive metal band known for their complex rhythms and immersive soundscapes, has made a significant mark on the music scene. Their live performances are a testament to their musicianship and ability to connect with fans on a deep level. For enthusiasts looking to catch Periphery live, there are several key points to consider, especially when it comes to venues, seating, and ticket prices.

Across the United States, Periphery has played in a variety of venues, each offering a unique experience for concertgoers. From the intimate settings of the House of Blues in Chicago, where fans can get up close and personal with the band, to the larger scale of The Wiltern in Los Angeles, which offers a grandiose backdrop for their intricate performances, Periphery ensures their shows are memorable. Other venues such as the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia and the Irving Plaza in New York have also hosted the band, providing fans with multiple opportunities to see them live.

When it comes to experiencing a Periphery concert, the term "best seats" can vary depending on personal preferences. For those who prefer to be in the heart of the action, standing floor tickets are the way to go. This option allows fans to be as close to the stage as possible, fully immersing themselves in the energy of the performance. However, for those who enjoy a more relaxed experience with a clear view of the entire stage, opting for seats in the first few rows of the balcony (if available) can be ideal. These spots combine comfort with a fantastic vantage point, ensuring you don't miss any aspect of the show.

Ticket prices for Periphery concerts can range significantly based on the venue and seating choice. The most affordable tickets typically grant access to the general admission area, allowing fans to enjoy the show in a standing room-only environment. This option is perfect for those who want to experience the concert in a dynamic and engaging way without breaking the bank. On the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive tickets are often for premium seating areas (when available), offering the best views and sometimes even additional perks like early entry or exclusive merchandise.

Periphery has shared the stage with a variety of other bands and artists, creating memorable nights of music that showcase the best of the progressive metal genre. They've toured with acts such as Animals As Leaders and Tesseract, providing fans with an evening full of technical prowess and Musical innovation. These collaborations and tour pairings have not only offered fans a wider spectrum of music to enjoy but have also highlighted Periphery's versatility and ability to mesh well with other artists in their genre.

Attending a Periphery concert is an immersive experience that goes beyond just watching a performance. It's about feeling the intensity of the music, appreciating the skill of the musicians, and sharing a moment with fellow fans who share your passion. Whether you're there to headbang to the heavy riffs or to marvel at the technicality of the compositions, getting the right tickets can make all the difference in your concert experience.

Securing your spot at a Periphery show means considering the type of experience you're looking for. Whether you opt for the energetic atmosphere of the general admission floor or the comfort and view of premium seating, each option offers its own set of benefits. With ticket prices accommodating a range of budgets, fans have the flexibility to choose how they want to experience the show, ensuring that a night with Periphery is accessible to all who wish to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does Periphery play?
Periphery plays a mix of progressive metal, djent, and alternative rock.
What kind of venues does Periphery play?
Periphery plays a variety of venues, from small clubs to large arenas.
How long are Periphery concerts?
Periphery concerts typically last around two hours.
Does Periphery offer VIP packages?
Yes! Periphery offers VIP packages that include exclusive merchandise, early entry, and more.
Does Periphery offer meet and greets?
Yes! Periphery offers meet and greets for select shows.

Interesting Information about Periphery

  • Periphery has released six studio albums since their formation in 2005.
  • Periphery has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Periphery has collaborated with many other artists, including Misha Mansoor of Periphery and Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad.
  • Periphery has been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy for Best Metal Performance.
  • Periphery has been featured in several video games, including Guitar Hero and Rock Band.