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May 22

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Lightning In A Bottle Festival - 5 Day Pass

Buena Vista Lake, Bakersfield, CA

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Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (3 Day Pass) with Noah Kahan, Green Day, SZA, and more

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC

Aug 02

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Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (Friday) with Noah Kahan, Melanie Martinez, Dominic Fike, and more

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montreal, QC

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Brooklyn Paramount, Brooklyn, NY

Oct 05

Sat . 10:00 PM

Overmono (19+)

The Opera House, Toronto, ON
Overmono, the duo comprised of brothers Ed and Tom Russell, has taken the Electronic music scene by storm with their eclectic blend of techno, ambient, and experimental sounds. Since their emergence, they have consistently been pushing the boundaries of the electronic genre, both in their recorded music and their electric live performances.

It's in their concerts where the magic truly comes to life, offering a transcendent auditory experience that appeals to both dedicated fans and newcomers alike. The duo has been known to perform in a wide range of venues, from intimate clubs to expansive arenas, catering to different crowd sizes and preferences.

One memorable performance took place at the Whimsical Woods in Seattle, a small outdoor space nestled among trees, where Overmono played an extended set that allowed them to really interact with the crowd. The proximity of the stage to the Audience made for an immersive experience, and fans were able to secure the best seats up close to feel the music's pulsating energy.

In contrast, Overmono's show at the expansive Motor City Stadium in Detroit was a spectacle of lights, visuals, and booming sounds. Despite the large venue, the thoughtfully designed seating arrangements ensured an optimal view and sound experience, catering to those looking for the best seats in the house.

Historically, Overmono's rise to fame has been a steady climb marked by collaborations with other groundbreaking artists and consistent releases that have resonated with fans worldwide. Their early days saw them playing in small clubs alongside fellow experimental artists like Objekt and Autechre. Their synergy with other musicians and their relentless pursuit of innovation led them to tour extensively across the United States, from the wild energy of The Desert Mirage in Phoenix to the soulful ambiance of Lakeside Lounge in Chicago.

As the duo's reputation grew, so did the venues they played in, though they never lost touch with their roots. Their ability to perform both in small, intimate settings and large arenas while still maintaining their unique sound and connection to the audience is a testament to their artistry.

Ticket prices for Overmono's concerts vary widely, reflecting the diverse range of venues and experiences they offer. The lowest cost tickets can be found for shows in smaller venues, sometimes priced as low as $25, making it accessible for those who want to catch a glimpse of the duo's magic without breaking the bank. For those looking to splurge on a more extravagant experience in larger arenas, tickets can go up to $150, depending on the seating arrangement.

Overmono's dedication to their craft is evident in the care they put into each performance, ensuring that every audience member, regardless of where they're seated, feels the music's energy and intention. Whether you're seeking the intimacy of a small club or the grandeur of a large arena, an Overmono concert promises a memorable experience.

Now is the time to explore upcoming shows in your city, evaluate the seating options, and secure the best seats to immerse yourself in the world of Overmono. With performances that resonate on so many levels and ticket prices to suit various budgets, a night with Overmono is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Their ever-evolving sound and commitment to their fans make them a must-see act, whether you're a long-time follower or just discovering the magic they create on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does Overmono play?
Overmono plays a unique blend of electronic, experimental, and ambient music.
How long are Overmono concerts?
Overmono concerts typically last around two hours.
What kind of atmosphere can I expect at an Overmono concert?
Overmono concerts are energetic and engaging, with a vibrant atmosphere that will keep you dancing all night long.
Are there any age restrictions for Overmono concerts?
Most Overmono concerts are all ages, but please check with the venue for specific age restrictions.
What should I wear to an Overmono concert?
Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready to dance!

Interesting Information about Overmono

  • Overmono is a duo made up of brothers Tom and Ben Calvert.
  • Overmono's music is a unique blend of electronic, experimental, and ambient music.
  • Overmono has released two albums, 'Arla' and 'Everything U Need'.
  • Overmono has performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Bestival, and Field Day.
  • Overmono has collaborated with artists such as Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, and Floating Points.