Energetic Post-Hardcore with Emotional Depth


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Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

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The Rave - Eagles Club, Milwaukee, WI

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Slowdown, Omaha, NE

Apr 24

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Movements with Tigers Jaw, Webbed Wing, and Paerish

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Movements with Tigers Jaw

House of Blues - Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

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Riverside Municipal Auditorium, Riverside, CA

Oct 19

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When We Were Young Festival - Saturday with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember and more

Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Las Vegas, NV

Oct 20

Sun . 06:30 AM

When We Were Young Festival - Sunday with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember and more

Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Las Vegas, NV
Movements is one of those bands that have managed to carve out a distinctive niche in the crowded post-hardcore landscape. Originating from Southern California in 2015, the group quickly gained traction with the release of their debut EP "Outgrown Things" in 2016. One could argue that their music is an emotional roller coaster — a mix of poignant lyrics, energetic riffs, and impassioned vocals. Their subsequent albums have only solidified their place in the hearts of fans who appreciate the nuanced world of emo, rock, and punk.

From the jump, Movements made it clear that they were here for the long run. Their commitment to their craft led to high-profile collaborations and gigs with similar genre bands like Citizen and Knuckle Puck. These partnerships have been pivotal in widening their Audience base and sharpening their performance edge.

The band has a knack for commanding whatever stage they're on. They've rocked smaller venues like Chain Reaction in Anaheim to considerably larger places like the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey. These different settings have allowed fans to experience their music in unique ways. For instance, the cozy atmosphere at Chain Reaction offers an intimate, up-close experience that's hard to replicate in larger venues. Conversely, bigger settings like Starland Ballroom allow the band’s powerful sound to engulf the audience in a wall of pure emotion.

Speaking of which, getting the best seats at a Movements concert involves a bit of strategy. At smaller venues like Chain Reaction, you might aim for the front to be immersed in the band's raw energy. In more expansive settings, it's all about balance. Opt for the middle ground where you can have both a good view and solid sound quality. When it comes to seating, these mid-range spots often offer the best seats, giving you a balanced experience without sacrificing either audio or visual elements.

On the financial side, ticket prices for a Movements concert vary depending on several factors: venue size, location, and availability. For those seeking a budget-friendly experience, smaller venues might offer tickets starting as low as $25. However, at larger venues or during special events, the prices can go up to $75 or even higher for premium or VIP seats. It's worth noting that these VIP packages often include added perks like early entry or exclusive merchandise, making the extra cost a valuable trade-off for superfans.

In a world where genre lines are increasingly blurry, Movements shines as a band that has found its voice and is not afraid to share it far and wide. Whether you're new to their music or a long-time fan, there's a seat for you in their emotional journey. If you prioritize seating, do your homework based on the venue, and align your budget accordingly, you're sure to secure the best seats for an unforgettable night of raw emotion, layered sounds, and pure artistic energy. A Movements concert offers a versatile experience that caters to fans of all types, promising not just a night but a memory to hold onto.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What genre does Movements primarily perform in?
Movements predominantly fall into the post-hardcore genre, with emotional and introspective lyrics.
Have they won any awards?
Yes, Movements' debut album received several indie music award nominations.
What is unique about their live shows?
Live shows often include visual storytelling elements and emotionally charged performances, making each concert unique.
How does the band engage with fans?
Movements maintains an active social media presence, interacting with fans and often sharing behind-the-scenes content.
Is the band planning any collaborations?
They have not publicly announced collaborations but have expressed interest in diverse musical partnerships in interviews.

Interesting Information about Movements

  • The band Movements was formed in 2015 in Southern California.
  • Their debut album "Feel Something" received critical acclaim.
  • Known for intense and introspective lyrics, often exploring mental health.
  • They have toured internationally, gaining a diverse fan following.
  • Vocalist Patrick Miranda was discovered at a local Battle of the Bands.