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Sep 25

Wed . 11:00 PM


The Bellwether, Los Angeles, CA
KNOWER is a name that has become synonymous with innovation in the music world. This duo, comprised of drummer-producer Louis Cole and singer-instrumentalist Genevieve Artadi, has crafted a unique blend of electronic funk, jazz, and pop that defies easy categorization. Their energetic performances have captivated audiences in both intimate clubs and on the grand stages of music festivals, showcasing their remarkable versatility.

Their Journey to prominence is a testament to the power of The Internet and grassroots growth. Starting with home-made music videos and self-produced albums released online, they’ve garnered a passionate following. This digital buzz translated into live spectacle, as their concerts quickly became known for their spontaneous energy and thrilling improvisations. The small venues where they first made their mark, like The Baked Potato in Los Angeles, were the testing grounds for their complex arrangements and gave them the chance to hone their live chops.

As their reputation grew, so did the size of the venues they filled. From the cozy confines of clubs to the sprawling expanses of festivals, KNOWER has shown an uncanny ability to connect with audiences of all sizes. They've shared stages with artists who share their boundary-pushing ethos, like the electronic funk wizardry of Daft Punk and the intricate jazz compositions of Snarky Puppy, and have been part of bills with performers who embody the spirit of musical exploration, such as Jacob Collier and Thundercat.

Their live performances are a spectacle not just of sound but of sight as well, with visuals that complement their sonic adventures. The best seats at a KNOWER concert are more than just a location; they are an immersive experience. The front rows are a hotspot for fans who want to catch every nuance of their performance, from Genevieve's expressive vocals to Louis's frenetic drumming. However, the energy they exude permeates the entire venue, ensuring there's not a single bad seat in the house.

Tickets for their shows Reflect the wide appeal of the band. Entry-level pricing allows newcomers and long-time fans alike to enjoy their live act without breaking the bank, while the top-tier tickets offer perks like prime seating and sometimes even meet-and-greets with the band.

KNOWER's tour History includes a variety of cities, highlighting their national appeal. They've played the electric streets of New York City, the sun-soaked avenues of Miami, and the historic backdrop of Boston. Each city brings a new flavor to their performances, as they adapt and react to the different crowds, ensuring no two shows are ever the same.

For those looking to experience KNOWER in all their glory, it’s essential to keep a close eye on when tickets go on sale. Due to their explosive performances and the intimate experience they offer, tickets can go fast. Seasoned concert-goers know that securing the best seats early can make all the difference.

Securing a ticket to a KNOWER concert is not just about seeing a band perform; it's about an experience that engages all senses. With their rise from internet sensations to live performance stalwarts, KNOWER's shows are a celebration of musical mastery and performance art. Whether it's the affordable entry-level ticket or the premium front-row experience, any concert of theirs is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does KNOWER play?
KNOWER plays a mix of rock, pop, and alternative music.
How long are KNOWER concerts?
KNOWER concerts typically last around two hours.
Does KNOWER have any special guests?
Yes, KNOWER often has special guests at their concerts.
What kind of atmosphere can I expect at a KNOWER concert?
KNOWER concerts are always high energy and full of excitement.
Does KNOWER have any pre-show activities?
Yes, KNOWER often has pre-show activities such as meet and greets and giveaways.

Interesting Information about KNOWER

  • KNOWER has been performing for over 10 years.
  • KNOWER has released five studio albums.
  • KNOWER has toured in over 20 countries.
  • KNOWER has won multiple awards for their music.
  • KNOWER has been featured in multiple films and TV shows.