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Soulful, sultry, sax.

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Apr 26

Fri . 08:00 PM

Kenny G

Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL

Apr 28

Sun . 07:30 PM

Kenny G

Savannah Civic Center - Johnny Mercer Theatre, Savannah, GA

Apr 30

Tue . 08:00 PM

Kenny G

Lillian S. Wells Hall at The Parker, Fort Lauderdale, FL

May 03

Fri . 08:00 PM

Kenny G

Hard Rock Live Orlando, Orlando, FL

May 04

Sat . 08:00 PM

Kenny G

Florida Theatre Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

May 05

Sun . 07:00 PM

Kenny G

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota, FL

Jun 25

Tue . 07:00 PM

Kenny G

Ocean City Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ

Jun 26

Wed . 07:30 PM

Kenny G

American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA

Jun 30

Sun . 07:00 PM

Kenny G

The Cabot, Beverly, MA
Kenny G, with his distinctive smooth jazz sound, has become a household name for fans of soothing, melodious music. Born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick in Seattle, Washington, Kenny G's rise to fame is a story of passion, dedication, and exceptional talent on the saxophone. His Journey began with a love for the instrument in his teenage years, leading him to become the iconic musician we know today.

The transformation from a young jazz to a globally recognized artist wasn't immediate. Kenny G's career took off in the 1980s with his unique blend of R&B, pop, and jazz, creating a sound that was both accessible and deeply melodic. His album "Breathless" became the best-selling instrumental album in History, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his smooth, lyrical saxophone playing.

Throughout his career, Kenny G has collaborated with various artists, adding his signature saxophone style to different genres. His collaborations extend to performers like Whitney Houston, offering a jazz-infused touch to their music. This versatility has not only widened his appeal but also demonstrated his skill in adapting to different musical styles.

Kenny G's performances across the United States have taken him to remarkable venues, each offering a unique experience. For instance, The Lincoln Center in New York and The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles are notable for their acoustics and ambiance, perfectly complementing Kenny G’s smooth jazz sound. His concerts in cities like San Francisco, Miami, and Atlanta have been celebrated events, drawing crowds who appreciate his soothing melodies and captivating performances.

When attending a Kenny G concert, securing the best seats is essential to fully enjoy the experience. These premium seats not only provide a great view but also ensure the best audio quality, allowing the nuances of Kenny G's saxophone to be heard clearly. The intimacy of his music is best experienced in a setting where you can comfortably absorb the subtleties of his performance.

Ticket prices for Kenny G concerts vary, offering options for a wide range of fans. The most affordable tickets allow fans to experience the concert at a lower cost, though from a farther distance. Conversely, the higher-priced tickets usually offer closer proximity to the stage or exclusive seating areas, enhancing the overall concert experience.

Kenny G's concerts are more than just musical events; they're an escape into a world of serene melodies and soulful saxophone tunes. His ability to create an Atmosphere of calm and elegance through his music is unparalleled. Each performance by Kenny G is an opportunity to immerse oneself in a musical journey that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

For fans eager to witness the magic of Kenny G live, understanding the importance of seating and ticket options is key. Whether you opt for the most affordable tickets or splurge on premium seating, the experience of a Kenny G concert is always fulfilling. His concerts are not just about the music but about the peaceful ambiance they create, making them a Perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Kenny G's enduring appeal lies in his ability to blend smooth jazz with Elements of pop and R&B, creating a sound that is both soothing and enchanting. His concerts are a testament to his skill as a musician and his ability to connect with audiences of all ages. For those looking to experience the serene world of Kenny G, choosing the right seats is crucial to fully enjoy his captivating performances. With a range of ticket options available, fans can find the perfect way to experience the soothing sounds of one of the world's most beloved saxophonists.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What time should I arrive for the Kenny G concert?
We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the show starts to ensure you get the best seats.
What type of music will Kenny G be playing?
Kenny G is a smooth jazz saxophonist, so expect a night of soulful and sultry saxophone music.
Is there an age restriction for the Kenny G concert?
All ages are welcome to attend the Kenny G concert.
Is there an intermission during the Kenny G concert?
Yes, there will be a 15-minute intermission during the Kenny G concert.
Are there any special offers for Kenny G tickets?
Yes, we have special offers for Kenny G tickets. Check our website for more information.

Interesting Information about Kenny G

  • Kenny G has released over 20 albums and has sold over 75 million records worldwide.
  • Kenny G has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition.
  • Kenny G has collaborated with many other artists, including Michael Bolton, Whitney Houston, and Natalie Cole.
  • Kenny G has performed with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Aretha Franklin.
  • Kenny G has been named the “King of Smooth Jazz” by many music critics.