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Aug 01

Thu . 04:30 AM

Lollapalooza - (4 Day Pass) with SZA, Megan Thee Stallion, Blink-182 and more

Grant Park, Chicago, IL

Aug 01

Thu . 07:00 PM

In This Moment

The Clyde Theatre - Fort Wayne, IN, Fort Wayne, IN

Aug 02

Fri . 01:00 PM

Lollapalooza - (Friday) with SZA and Stray Kids

Grant Park, Chicago, IL

Aug 03

Sat . 05:30 PM

In This Moment with We Came As Romans

GLC Live at 20 Monroe, Grand Rapids, MI

Aug 06

Tue . 06:15 PM

Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment

Broadview Stage at SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

Aug 07

Wed . 07:00 PM

In this Moment with Ice Nine Kills

Buffalo Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY

Aug 09

Fri . 07:00 PM

In This Moment and Ice Nine Kills with Avatar and TX2

Capital Credit Union Park, Green Bay, WI

Aug 10

Sat . 07:15 PM

Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment

Back Waters Stage, Dubuque, IA

Aug 11

Sun . 08:00 PM

In This Moment with Avatar

Shrine Mosque Auditorium, Springfield, MO

Aug 14

Wed . 07:15 PM

Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment

The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory, Irving, TX
When it comes to theatricality in modern metal, very few bands match the grandeur and raw emotion that In This Moment brings to the stage. With Maria Brink's ethereal vocals combined with the band's captivating stage presence, an evening with this ensemble is more than just a concert—it's an immersive experience.

Emerging from the city of Los Angeles in 2005, In This Moment quickly diStinguished itself with their mix of hard-hitting riffs and soulful ballads. Albums such as "The Dream" and "Blood" showed their versatility, oscillating between tranquil melodies and ferocious anthems. But it's their live performances that truly showcase the band's uniqueness.

In This Moment has graced many stages over the years. They've played in intimate settings like The Crocodile in Seattle, where every scream, every guitar strum resonates deeply with the Audience. Such small venues allow fans to feel every emotion emanating from the band, turning a live performance into a deeply personal experience. However, playing larger venues like The NorVa in Norfolk or The Palladium in Worcester has its own charm. The majestic stages, combined with their elaborate set designs and light shows, create a spectacle that’s hard to forget.

One performance that's etched in the minds of their loyal fans was at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. With its multi-tiered structure, fans could opt for an elevated view or be right in the middle of the action. The common consensus? There isn't a bad seat in the house, but if you're looking to capture the raw energy of the band, being up close is unparalleled. Yet, at venues like Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, the open-air ambiance lends a different, magical feel to their performance, proving that the best seats vary from one venue to another.

Over the years, In This Moment has shared the stage with an array of talented bands and artists. Collaborations and tours with bands like Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch, and Papa Roach have given fans a richer, more varied concert experience. Every shared stage not only brought different music styles together but also solidified In This Moment's position in the metal hierarchy.

So, how does one ensure they're part of this enthralling experience? Tickets, of course! While prices can vary based on the venue and its location, fans can generally expect to pay anywhere from $30 for general admission in smaller venues to upwards of $75 for premium spots in the more iconic locations. If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, some venues also offer VIP packages that might include meet-and-greets, merchandise, or even a tour behind the scenes. While these can be on the pricier side, they offer a more comprehensive experience for die-hard fans.

In This Moment isn’t just another metal band—they’re a testament to the power of live music and the profound connection it can foster between artists and fans. Their journey, filled with passionate performances, has carved a unique space for them in the world of metal. As they continue to evolve and produce thrilling shows, one thing remains constant: the promise of an unforgettable night. So, as their next tour date looms on the horizon, remember to set those reminders, snag those tickets early, and of course, secure the best seats for an evening of Musical magic.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of music does In This Moment play?
In This Moment plays a mix of hard rock, metal, and alternative rock.
What is the best way to get to the venue?
The best way to get to the venue is to check the venue's website for directions and parking information.
How early should I arrive?
We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before the show starts.
Are there any age restrictions?
Yes, most venues have age restrictions. Please check the venue's website for more information.
Is there a dress code?
No, there is no dress code.

Interesting Information about In This Moment

  • In This Moment has released six studio albums since their formation in 2005.
  • The band has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.
  • In This Moment has performed at some of the biggest music festivals in the world, including Download Festival, Rock on the Range, and Warped Tour.
  • The band has collaborated with some of the biggest names in metal, including Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, and Disturbed.
  • In This Moment has won numerous awards, including a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance in 201