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Nov 23

Sat . 03:30 AM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Georgetown Hoyas Football

Cooper Field, Washington, DC

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Aug 31

Sat . 03:30 AM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Rhode Island Rams Football

Meade Stadium, Kingston, RI

Sep 07

Sat . 02:00 PM

New Hampshire Wildcats at Holy Cross Crusaders Football

Fitton Field, Worcester, MA

Sep 14

Sat . 03:30 AM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Bryant Bulldogs Football

Beirne Stadium, Smithfield, RI

Sep 21

Sat . 02:00 PM

Yale Bulldogs at Holy Cross Crusaders Football

Fitton Field, Worcester, MA

Sep 28

Sat . 03:30 AM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Syracuse Orange Football

JMA Wireless Dome, Syracuse, NY

Oct 12

Sat . 01:00 PM

Fordham Rams at Holy Cross Crusaders Football

Fitton Field, Worcester, MA

Oct 19

Sat . 12:00 PM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Harvard Crimson Football

Harvard Stadium, Allston, MA

Oct 26

Sat . 01:30 PM

Holy Cross Crusaders at Lafayette Leopards Football

Fisher Stadium, Easton, PA

Nov 09

Sat . 12:00 PM

Lehigh Mountain Hawks at Holy Cross Crusaders Football

Fitton Field, Worcester, MA

Nov 16

Sat . 12:00 PM

Bucknell Bison at Holy Cross Crusaders Football

Fitton Field, Worcester, MA
Holy Cross Crusaders Football, a team with a proud history and a passionate fan base, offers an exciting college football experience. Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Crusaders play their home games at Fitton Field, a stadium known for its intimate atmosphere and close-up views of the action. With a capacity of just over 23,000, Fitton Field provides an ideal setting for fans to feel a part of the game, making every play feel personal and every cheer louder.

The best seats at Fitton Field are typically found along the sidelines, where fans can get close to the action. These prime spots offer unobstructed views of the entire field, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in the game. Prices for these premium seats vary depending on the opponent and the importance of the game but expect to pay a premium for these sought-after locations.

Holy Cross has several notable rivalries, with games against these teams typically drawing larger crowds. The most prominent rivalry is with the Fordham Rams, a contest that often has a significant impact on the Patriot League standings. Games against Georgetown Hoyas and Colgate Raiders also attract considerable attention, with fans filling the stands to support their team in these critical matchups.

For those looking for more affordable options, end zone seats offer a unique perspective of the game at a lower price point. While these seats don't provide the same all-encompassing view as sideline seats, they do offer a fantastic vantage point for plays happening in the near end zone. Additionally, seats higher up in the stands, while farther from the field, can provide a great overview of the game and are often more budget-friendly.

The history of Holy Cross Crusaders Football is filled with memorable games and fierce competitions. Over the years, they have faced off against a variety of teams, including Boston College Eagles, Harvard Crimson, and Yale Bulldogs. These historic matchups have not only showcased the team's resilience and skill but have also contributed to the rich tradition and legacy of Holy Cross Football.

When planning to attend a Holy Cross game, it's important to consider not just the ticket prices but also the overall experience. The atmosphere at Fitton Field is electric, especially during key games against rival teams. To secure the best seats, it's advisable to purchase tickets well in advance, particularly for high-demand games against traditional rivals.

Around the stadium, there are several areas where fans can enjoy pre-game and post-game festivities. These spots are perfect for those who want to make a day of their football experience, offering a range of food and entertainment options.

A Holy Cross Crusaders Football game at Fitton Field is an experience filled with excitement and tradition. Whether you're looking for the best seats right at the heart of the action or more affordable options that still offer a great view and atmosphere, there's something for every fan. With its rich history, passionate rivalries, and vibrant game-day environment, a trip to see the Crusaders play is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What time do Holy Cross Crusaders Football games start?
Games typically start at 7:00 PM.
Where do I park for Holy Cross Crusaders Football games?
Parking is available in the stadium lot.
How can I get tickets to Holy Cross Crusaders Football games?
Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office.
What is the seating capacity of the stadium?
The stadium has a seating capacity of 10,000.
Are there any special promotions for Holy Cross Crusaders Football games?
Yes, there are often special promotions and discounts available.

Interesting Information about Holy Cross Crusaders Football

  • Holy Cross Crusaders Football games are played in a state-of-the-art stadium.
  • The team has a passionate fan base that loves to cheer on their team.
  • The team has won several championships over the years.
  • The team has a rich history of success and is one of the most respected teams in the league.
  • The team has a wide variety of merchandise available for purchase.