Aggressive, heavy metal.

Best Seats to see Hatebreed

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Sep 21

Sat . 01:00 PM

Knotfest Iowa with Slipknot

Lauridsen Amphitheater at Water Works Park, Des Moines, IA

Sep 26

Thu . 07:00 PM


State Theatre - Portland, ME, Portland, ME

Sep 27

Fri . 07:00 PM


House of Blues - Boston, Boston, MA

Sep 28

Sat . 07:00 PM

Hatebreed with Carcass (16+)

Terminal 5, New York, NY

Sep 29

Sun . 06:30 PM


MTELUS, Montreal, QC

Sep 30

Mon . 06:00 PM

Hatebreed with Carcass

Rebel, Toronto, ON

Oct 02

Wed . 07:00 PM

Hatebreed with Carcass

Agora Theatre, Cleveland, OH

Oct 03

Thu . 06:00 PM

Hatebreed with Carcass

Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI

Oct 07

Mon . 07:00 PM


Bogarts, Cincinnati, OH

Oct 08

Tue . 07:00 PM

Hatebreed with Carcass

Roxian Theatre, McKees Rocks, PA
Hatebreed: the name alone strikes a chord in the hardcore and metal communities. Emerging from the gritty underground scene of Connecticut in 1994, Hatebreed carved a niche for themselves with their high-octane performances and unapologetic sound. Their brand of hardcore mixed with metal elements—often termed "metalcore"—creates a live experience that's as visceral as it is unforgettable.

While their studio albums are iconic in their own right, Hatebreed's true essence shines through in their live shows. They've set stages ablaze across a myriad of venues, each offering a unique concert experience. For instance, the intimate setting of Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago is a playground for Hatebreed’s chaotic energy. At such venues, the front row is usually the best seat in the house, where you can feel the full force of the band's sonic assault.

Alternatively, larger venues like the Electric Factory in Philadelphia provide a different but equally magnetic atmosphere. With room for elaborate stage setups and pyrotechnics, these larger arenas are where Hatebreed’s production values soar. The best seats here are usually a few rows from the front or in elevated areas with clear sightlines to the stage.

Ticket pricing tends to fluctuate based on the venue and the city. At a smaller venue like Reggie's, general admission usually hovers around $25-$30, whereas a larger venue can easily start at $40 with premium seating or VIP packages going up to $100 or more. Regardless of your budget, each ticket is a passport to a frenetic performance that promises to be a sonic rollercoaster.

The band’s tour mates over the years read like a Who's Who of hardcore and metal. From playing alongside Agnostic Front and Madball in their early years to sharing stages with modern titans like Lamb of God and In Flames, Hatebreed has always been in good company. These collaborations have allowed them to grow their fanbase while constantly evolving their own sound.

Their road to widespread recognition has been paved with relentless touring and a deep connection with their fanbase. Albums like "Satisfaction is the Death of Desire" and "Perseverance" were pivotal, but it was their incessant touring schedule that converted casual listeners into die-hard fans. Their longevity can be attributed to a consistent lineup, with core members like Jamey Jasta providing a stable foundation for the band to explore new sonic territories.

So, why does a Hatebreed concert merit your time and money? Because it's more than just a collection of songs performed live; it’s an exercise in unfiltered emotion, a vent for collective frustration, and a celebration of hardcore culture. Each venue offers a distinct experience, but the secret sauce to making it unforgettable lies in snagging the best seats for your preferred concert setting. Be it an intimate club or a spacious auditorium, understanding the venue's layout will greatly enhance your live Hatebreed experience. Consider this your guide to making an informed ticket purchase for what promises to be one of the most energizing shows you'll ever attend.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How long is a Hatebreed concert?
Most Hatebreed concerts last around two hours.
What type of music does Hatebreed play?
Hatebreed plays aggressive, heavy metal music.
How many members are in Hatebreed?
Hatebreed is made up of five members.
Does Hatebreed tour?
Yes, Hatebreed tours regularly and plays shows all over the world.
What is the best way to get tickets for a Hatebreed show?
The best way to get tickets for a Hatebreed show is to buy them online from a trusted ticket provider.

Interesting Information about Hatebreed

  • Hatebreed has been active since 1994.
  • Hatebreed has released seven studio albums.
  • Hatebreed has toured with bands such as Slayer, Slipknot, and Lamb of God.
  • Hatebreed has won numerous awards, including a Grammy nomination.
  • Hatebreed has performed at some of the biggest festivals in the world, such as Download Festival and Wacken Open Air.