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Aug 25

Sun . 09:45 PM

Tower of Power with Ghost-Note

Silverado Resort and Spa, Napa, CA

Sep 04

Wed . 09:00 PM

Ghost-Note (18+)

Exit/In, Nashville, TN

Sep 05

Thu . 08:00 PM

Ghost-Note with Phoelix

The Loft at Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

Sep 06

Fri . 06:30 PM


Pisgah Brewing Company, Black Mountain, NC

Sep 10

Tue . 08:00 PM


Pittsburgh Winery, Pittsburgh, PA

Sep 11

Wed . 07:00 PM


Asbury Hall inside Babeville, Buffalo, NY
Ghost-Note, a sensational ensemble known for their exhilarating blend of funk, jazz, and Afrobeat, has steadily risen in the music world, captivating Audiences with its dynamic performances and Musical prowess. Originating from the depths of the vibrant music scene, Ghost-Note's journey to fame is a testament to their innovation and skill.

The group's inception was marked by a shared passion for rhythm and groove among its members. Their music, often infused with a rich blend of cultural influences, showcases a deep understanding of various musical traditions, making them a unique presence in the industry. Their sound is reminiscent of, yet distinct from, other prominent groups in the jazz and funk scenes, allowing them to carve out their own niche.

Collaboration has been key in Ghost-Note's rise. They've shared stages and studio Spaces with a variety of artists, each collaboration adding a new layer to their already diverse sound. These experiences not only broadened their musical horizons but also brought them closer to a wider audience.

Over the years, Ghost-Note has graced numerous stages across the United States, performing in some of the most notable cities for music. From the jazz clubs of New Orleans to the vibrant venues of New York City, and the cultural hotspots of Los Angeles and Chicago, they've left their mark with memorable performances. Each city's unique musical atmosphere has contributed to the evolution of Ghost-Note's sound, making each concert a unique experience.

When it comes to attending a Ghost-Note concert, securing the best seats is essential to fully appreciate their musical mastery. The best seats in a venue are typically those that offer a clear view of the stage and superior acoustics, allowing you to immerse yourself completely in their rhythmic and melodic explorations. Whether it's the intricate drum patterns, the smooth saxophone melodies, or the pulsating bass lines, being in a prime location ensures you don't miss a beat.

Ticket prices for Ghost-Note concerts vary depending on several factors, including the venue, city, and seating category. The most affordable tickets usually provide general access, allowing fans to experience the concert without a significant financial commitment. These tickets are perfect for those who enjoy the energy and spontaneity of standing areas. On the other end, the most expensive tickets typically offer premium seating. These seats are ideal for those who wish to enjoy the concert in comfort while having the best possible auditory and visual experience.

Fans of Ghost-Note are drawn to their concerts for the electrifying atmosphere and the musical journey that each performance promises. The band’s ability to connect with the audience, creating a shared experience through their music, is part of what makes their concerts so special. The energy, the passion, and the sheer talent on display make each Ghost-Note concert a must-see event.

For those planning to see Ghost-Note live, it's wise to book tickets as early as possible. Their growing popularity, combined with the intimate nature of many of the venues they play at, means that tickets can sell out quickly. Early booking not only secures your spot at the concert but also gives you a better chance of getting the best seats available.

Ghost-Note is not just a band; they are a musical phenomenon, bringing together diverse sounds and rhythms to create something truly extraordinary. Their concerts are more than just performances; they are celebrations of music and culture, and an opportunity to witness some of the finest musicians in action. So, for an unforgettable musical experience, make sure to get your tickets early and aim for the best seats to fully enjoy the magic of Ghost-Note.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of music does Ghost-Note play?
Ghost-Note plays a unique blend of funk, soul, jazz, and hip-hop.
How long are Ghost-Note concerts?
Ghost-Note concerts typically last around two hours.
What is the best way to get to a Ghost-Note concert?
The best way to get to a Ghost-Note concert is by car or public transportation.
Are there any age restrictions for Ghost-Note concerts?
Ghost-Note concerts are open to all ages.
Are there any special offers for Ghost-Note tickets?
Yes, there are often special offers for Ghost-Note tickets. Be sure to check the website for the latest offers.

Interesting Information about Ghost-Note

  • Ghost-Note is a funk-soul-jazz-hip-hop collective led by Grammy-winning drummer Nate Werth.
  • Ghost-Note has released three studio albums and two live albums.
  • Ghost-Note has performed at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and High Sierra.
  • Ghost-Note has collaborated with artists such as Snarky Puppy, Robert Glasper, and Talib Kweli.
  • Ghost-Note has been featured on NPR, BBC, and other major media outlets.