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Dec 12

Thu . 07:30 PM

David Foster

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, NJ

Dec 13

Fri . 08:00 PM

David Foster with Katharine McPhee (Rescheduled from 12/8/23)

Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA

Jan 21

Tue . 10:30 PM

David Foster

Gallo Center for the Arts - Mary Stuart Rogers Theater, Modesto, CA

Jan 24

Fri . 11:00 PM

David Foster

McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA

Jan 25

Sat . 05:00 PM

David Foster

McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA

Jan 25

Sat . 11:00 PM

David Foster

McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA

Jan 26

Sun . 09:30 PM

David Foster

Mesa Arts Center - Ikeda Theater, Mesa, AZ
David Foster, the multi-Grammy Award-winning composer and producer, has an upcoming concert tour that is generating significant buzz. With a career that spans more than four Decades, Foster has proven himself to be a defining FIGURE in the music industry. From producing chart-topping hits for Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Michael Buble to his own performances, Foster's versatile talent is evident.

Over the years, Foster has performed in a variety of venues, both large and small. Those who have had the pleasure of attending his concerts at intimate settings like the Fox Theater in Oakland have raved about the up-close and personal experience. The smaller venues offer the best seats for soaking in Foster's keyboard artistry and the nuance of every note. But let's not dismiss larger venues like Boston's TD Garden. These expansive arenas allow for impressive staging and lighting effects, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

For an artist of Foster's caliber, one might expect the ticket prices to be prohibitively high. However, the cost of entry varies substantially depending on the venue and seat choice. For example, tickets at the New Orleans Saenger Theatre can range from $40 for seats in the upper balconies to upwards of $150 for premium orchestra seating. Regardless of your budget, you can find a ticket that gives you a great vantage point to enjoy the show.

It's important to note that Foster’s performances often include guest appearances by other notable artists. He's shared the stage with Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and Katharine McPhee, adding an exciting unpredictability to his shows. These collaborations not only showcase Foster’s incredible ability to cross genres but also make each concert a unique experience.

When it comes to the best seats in the house, it's crucial to consider what you value most in a concert experience. If you're all about acoustics, you might want to snag a seat in the lower level or the orchestra section. For those who prefer a bird's-eye view to capture the full scope of the stage design and lighting, the upper-level seats are your best bet. With any seat choice, arriving early is a strategy that pays off, allowing you to get a good feel for the venue and perhaps even catch a glimpse of pre-show rehearsals.

David Foster's journey to fame began in Victoria, Canada. His prodigious Musical talent became evident early on, leading to a scholarship at the University of Southern California. Although he initially moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming a rock musician, his path veered into producing. His transition proved to be a wise move, as evidenced by his 16 Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, and numerous other accolades. He also founded the David Foster Foundation, which supports families with children in need of organ Transplants, adding philanthropy to his extensive resume.

Getting tickets to a David Foster concert is not just about enjoying some of the most memorable songs in pop history; it's about experiencing the artistry of a man who has shaped The Sound of Music for generations. From the stunning visuals to the rich audio, every detail matters. Choose your venue, secure your seats, and prepare yourself for a musical experience that will leave you enchanted.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the best way to get David Foster tickets?
The best way to get David Foster tickets is to purchase them online from a reliable ticket provider.
What time do David Foster concerts usually start?
David Foster concerts usually start at 8:00 PM.
How long do David Foster concerts usually last?
David Foster concerts usually last around 2 hours.
Is there an age limit for attending a David Foster concert?
Most David Foster concerts are all ages, however, some venues may have an age restriction.
What should I expect at a David Foster concert?
At a David Foster concert, you can expect to hear some of his greatest hits, as well as some of his newer material. You can also expect a high-energy show with lots of dancing and singing along.

Interesting Information about David Foster

  • David Foster is a multi-Grammy award-winning producer, composer, and songwriter.
  • He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Barbra Streisand.
  • He has written and produced over 200 Top 40 hits.
  • He has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
  • He has won 16 Grammy Awards and has been nominated for an Oscar.