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Jul 02

Tue . 06:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

The Anthem - DC, Washington, DC

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Jun 07

Fri . 09:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

Arizona Financial Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Jun 08

Sat . 09:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

The Torch at LA Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

Jun 09

Sun . 09:00 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

Petco Park, San Diego, CA

Jun 11

Tue . 09:00 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

The Greek Theatre at U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Jun 14

Fri . 09:00 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

McMenamins Historic Edgefield Amphitheater, Troutdale, OR

Jun 15

Sat . 09:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC

Jun 16

Sun . 08:00 PM


Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA

Jun 18

Tue . 08:00 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

Granary Live, Salt Lake City, UT

Jun 20

Thu . 08:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

Jun 22

Sat . 07:30 PM

Mother Mother and Cavetown with Destroy Boys

South Side Ballroom, Dallas, TX
Cavetown, the indie-pop project of Robin Skinner, is an act you don't want to miss live. From intimate settings to large arenas, Cavetown's stage presence creates an atmosphere that feels like a cozy conversation with an old friend. Whether you've been following Skinner since his YouTube days or just stumbled upon tracks like "Boys Will Be Bugs," Cavetown's concerts offer something for everyone.

Starting out as a bedroom artist, Robin Skinner uploaded covers and original songs on YouTube, gradually amassing a dedicated fanbase. His self-produced albums, including "Lemon Boy," caught the attention of critics and Audiences alike, leading him to tour globally. His journey reflects his adaptability and appeal—qualities that shine in both small and large venues.

In smaller venues like The Hideout in Chicago or the Hi-Dive in Denver, the intimacy amplifies Skinner's lyrical vulnerability. The proximity allows for a genuine interaction between the artist and the audience, transforming songs into shared experiences. Conversely, in larger venues such as T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Cavetown employs visual effects and a dynamic setlist to engage the crowd, ensuring that even those in the nosebleed sections feel included.

Speaking of the best seats, Cavetown's concerts offer a range of options to suit every preference and budget. In smaller venues, it might be advantageous to opt for standing-room-only tickets to be as close to the stage as possible, usually ranging from $25-$40. In bigger arenas, VIP packages often offer premium seating, early entry, and exclusive merchandise for around $100-$150. Regular seating typically starts at $45 and can go upwards of $80 depending on the location within the arena. Regardless of the choice, Cavetown's performance quality ensures an unforgettable experience.

Cavetown's stylistic nuances find echoes in artists like mxmtoon, with whom he collaborated on the track "Blame Game," and Conan Gray, whose introspective lyricism resonates with Cavetown's own. He has also performed alongside Chloe Moriondo and Shortly, among others, creating an interconnected landscape of indie and alternative music. These collaborations and tour mates are evidence of Cavetown's growing influence and diversity in the indie music scene.

A Cavetown concert isn't just a Musical event; it's an emotional journey, a unique blend of intimacy and grandeur, regardless of the venue's size. Whether you're singing along to "This Is Home" in a packed arena or soaking in the vibes at a cozier spot, Cavetown's live performance is an experience that etches itself into your musical memory.

If you're eyeing concerts in Seattle or anywhere else, be sure to prioritize seating when grabbing your tickets; the connection Cavetown establishes with his audience is integral to the experience. Coupled with fair pricing options, there's no reason to miss out. Catching a Cavetown concert is not just a night out—it's an investment in a musical and emotional experience that will leave you wanting more.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where can I find Cavetown tickets?
You can find Cavetown tickets on our website.
What time do Cavetown concerts start?
Cavetown concerts typically start at 8pm.
What is the best way to get to the venue?
The best way to get to the venue is to check the venue's website for directions.
Are there any age restrictions for Cavetown concerts?
Yes, Cavetown concerts are typically restricted to those 18 and over.
Are there any special discounts available?
Yes, we offer special discounts for groups of 10 or more.

Interesting Information about Cavetown

  • Cavetown is a rock band from the UK.
  • They have released three studio albums and one EP.
  • Their live shows are known for their high energy and passionate performances.
  • They have toured extensively throughout Europe and the US.
  • They have been nominated for several awards, including a Grammy.