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Jun 20

Thu . 03:30 AM

Electric Forest Music Festival - 4 Day Pass with Nelly Furtado, Ludacris, Subtronics, Excision and more!

Double JJ Resort, Rothbury, MI

Jun 22

Sat . 07:00 PM


Ogden Amphitheater, Ogden, UT

Jul 19

Fri . 10:00 PM


Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise, Boise, ID

Jul 20

Sat . 11:00 PM


McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR

Jul 24

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Cannons with Quinn XCII

Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA

Aug 01

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Lollapalooza (4 Day Pass) with SZA, Tyler, The Creator, Blink-182 and more

Grant Park, Chicago, IL

Aug 01

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The Pageant, St. Louis, MO

Aug 02

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House of Blues Chicago, Chicago, IL

Sep 07

Sat . 03:30 PM

Cannons (21+)

Breckenridge Brewery, Littleton, CO

Oct 04

Fri . 01:00 PM

Austin City Limits Festival - Weekend One (3-Day Pass) with Dua Lipa, Tyler, The Creator, Chris Stapleton, and more

Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park, Austin, TX
Cannons, a Los Angeles-based indie Electronic band, offers a seductive blend of synth-heavy sounds and smooth vocals that can make any evening unforgettable. Composed of lead vocalist Michelle Joy, lead guitarist Ryan Clapham, and keyboardist Paul Davis, Cannons hit the music scene in 2013. The band released multiple albums and EPs before garnering widespread attention with their viral hit "Fire for You," putting them firmly on the map in both the indie and mainstream spheres.

Their rise can be traced through their venue selections. Early performances at spots like The Casbah in San Diego and the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan showcased their knack for intimate shows. The small stages allowed for close crowd interaction, letting fans experience their music in a very personal setting. As they grew in popularity, the band took on bigger venues like the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas, and Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Even with these larger stages, they've kept their signature intimacy, an example of how their music adapts yet remains faithful to its roots.

When it comes to similar vibes or influences, think Glass Animals, Tame Impala, or Still Woozy, although Cannons have their own unique flair. They've played at several festivals and often share bills with artists from various genres, exemplifying their wide appeal.

So, how do you score the best seats for a Cannons show? In a small venue, aim for a spot about 10 to 20 feet from the stage, preferably at the center. You'll get both the audio and visual experience without the sound distortion that sometimes happens right in front of the speakers. For larger venues, tiered seating is your friend. Go for the lower or middle tier to maintain a connection with the performance while avoiding the nosebleeds. Seats matter, and these spots provide a good balance between acoustics and visibility.

Let's talk ticket prices. In smaller venues, you might find tickets as low as $25 to $30, particularly if you buy well in advance. For larger venues, prices vary depending on the seating section, but generally, you're looking at $40 to $80 for mid-tier seats. High-end tickets, often for front rows or VIP areas, can go for $100 and up, depending on the venue and any special perks like meet-and-greets or exclusive merchandise.

Cannons' performances are a mix of energetic beats and moody visuals. Smaller venues often see them experiment more with their setlist, offering a bit of unpredictability. Larger venues, meanwhile, usually bring enhanced production value into play, with a focus on light shows and other visuals that complement their electronic vibes.

Wherever you decide to see Cannons, keep in mind that they excel at creating a multi-sensory experience. Their journey from small venues to larger theaters has equipped them to deliver a high-quality performance irrespective of the setting. Pay attention to seating choices and ticket options to tailor the experience to your liking. After all, the best seats are not just a physical location but a state of being that elevates your connection with the music. Choose your spot and prepare to be enveloped in the sonic world that Cannons create, one that promises a captivating blend of the familiar and the extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What genre does Cannons primarily focus on?
Cannons primarily produces music in the indie pop and synth-pop genres, incorporating electronic elements for a unique sound.
Is the band's music featured in any TV shows or movies?
Yes, their popular track "Fire for You" gained visibility after being featured in the Netflix series "Never Have I Ever".
What instruments make up the Cannons' core sound?
The band relies on a mix of vocals, electric guitar, and drums, layered with synthesizers to create their distinct sonic landscape.
Where is the band originally from?
Cannons originated in Los Angeles, which has influenced their aesthetic and musical style.
How did the band members meet?
The trio met during their time in college and quickly found their musical chemistry to be strong, leading to the formation of Cannons.

Interesting Information about Cannons

  • Indie pop trio Cannons hail from Los Angeles.
  • Their hit single "Fire for You" gained fame through the show "Never Have I Ever".
  • The band features Michelle Joy on vocals, Ryan Clapham on guitar, and Paul Davis on drums.
  • Their music combines elements of 80s synth, electronic beats, and sultry vocals.
  • They are known for their energetic performances and visually compelling stage design.