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Jun 15

Sat . 12:00 AM

Botch with Mortiferum and Caustic Wound

The Showbox, Seattle, WA

Jun 16

Sun . 12:00 AM

Botch with Helms Alee and Great Falls

The Showbox, Seattle, WA
Botch, the mathcore pioneers who dominated the late 90s and early 2000s, have left an indelible mark on the genre. Though the band is no longer active, the demand for their reUnion shows and occasional one-off performances hasn't waned. Botch hails from Tacoma, Washington, and they initially started as a local high school band, eventually gaining notoriety within underground metal scenes. The band's discography is relatively limited but monumental, with albums like "We Are the Romans" still serving as crucial touchstones in the genre.

Let's shift gears and talk about their live shows. One of the best things about a Botch performance is how they adapt to both small and large venues, always bringing their raw, chaotic energy. For instance, venues like El Corazon in Seattle offer a deeply intimate experience. Aiming for the front row here is usually an excellent choice for die-hard fans who want to be as close to the band as possible. But if you prefer space to maneuver or an unobstructed view, considering the middle to back of the venue is your best bet.

Now, when Botch hits a larger stage, say something like Stage AE in Pittsburgh, the dynamics change a bit. Seating options vary from general admission to VIP sections that offer better vantage points and amenities. For these larger venues, snagging a spot in the front of the balcony sections often provides the best seats, balancing sound quality and visual clarity. You get to see the full scope of the show while staying somewhat removed from the chaos of the mosh pit below.

Ticket prices vary depending on the venue and the exclusivity of the performance. General admission tickets can go as low as $20-$30, but for high-demand shows or reunion gigs, expect to shell out up to $100. VIP options or premium balcony seats will, of course, cost more but offer perks like early entry, private bars, and sometimes even exclusive merchandise.

Their collaborations and shared stages with bands like Cave In and Coalesce have only amplified their credibility. It's been a fascinating trajectory for a band that began as a high-school act, then went on to redefine a genre and still continues to influence it years after their last official release.

A Botch concert is a whirlwind of complex rhythms, anguished vocals, and frenzied fans. The experience is intensified by the band’s use of visuals and lighting, which perfectly complements their dissonant, jagged Musical style. It’s a sight to behold, especially when the crowd’s energy feeds off the band’s onstage antics.

The versatility of Botch's music also shines through in their setlists, which usually cover a wide range of their discography. You're likely to hear classic bangers alongside deeper cuts, always executed with precision and often with new, unexpected twists. Audience participation is another element you won’t want to miss; from call-and-response moments to crowd-surfing, a Botch concert is a participatory experience.

A night with Botch is more than just a gig; it’s an event, a communal celebration of some of the most innovative and challenging music ever made in the realm of heavy metal. Therefore, choosing the right seat is crucial to your experience. Whether it's the visceral thrill of being in the thick of it or the more analytical pleasure of watching a complex performance unfold from a distance, Botch's shows offer something for every kind of fan. Your seat is not just a place to park yourself; it's your entry into an unforgettable musical journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What type of music does Botch play?
Botch plays an energetic blend of rock and alternative music.
How long is a Botch concert?
Botch concerts typically last around two hours.
What should I wear to a Botch concert?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Botch concerts are all about having fun and rocking out.
Is there an age limit for Botch concerts?
Most Botch concerts are all ages, but please check with the venue for specific age restrictions.
Are there any special activities at Botch concerts?
Botch concerts are full of energy and excitement. You can expect to hear some of your favorite songs, as well as some new ones. There may also be special activities like giveaways and contests.

Interesting Information about Botch

  • Botch has been performing since the early 2000s.
  • Botch has released four studio albums and several EPs.
  • Botch has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe.
  • Botch has been featured on several TV shows and movies.
  • Botch has won several awards for their live performances.