Bob Moses

Eclectic, soulful, groovy.

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Apr 05

Fri . 04:30 AM

Texas Eclipse - 4 Day Pass

Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet, TX

Apr 05

Fri . 07:30 PM

Bob Moses

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, Vail, CO

Apr 06

Sat . 04:30 AM

Texas Eclipse - 3 Day Pass

Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet, TX

Apr 07

Sun . 04:30 AM

Texas Eclipse - 2 Day Pass

Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet, TX

May 22

Wed . 06:30 AM

Lightning In A Bottle Festival - 5 Day Pass

Buena Vista Lake, Bakersfield, CA

Jun 08

Sat . 09:30 PM


BMO Stadium, Los Angeles, CA

Jun 20

Thu . 07:30 PM

ODESZA with Bob Moses

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Jun 21

Fri . 07:30 PM


Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Jul 05

Fri . 10:30 PM


Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
If you're on The Hunt for Electronic music with a pinch of indie vibes, you've likely stumbled upon the Enigmatic duo, Bob Moses. With Tom Howie's soothing vocals and Jimmy Vallance's innovative production, they've managed to create a distinct blend that's both groovy and introspective.

When thinking back to their origins, it's hard to fathom how far they've come. Fans with keen memories might recall their unforgettable nights at small, intimate venues like The Crocodile in Seattle or The Sinclair in Cambridge. The proximity during these gigs was unmatched. There was no barrier between the artist and Audience, leading to an electrifying exchange of energy. Securing the best seats then meant being right at the front, soaking in every beat and nuance of the performance.

However, as their tracks gained Momentum and their fanbase burgeoned, Bob Moses started commanding larger stages, such as those at The National in Richmond or The Ritz in Raleigh. The atmosphere at these places feels different. There's a grandeur to their set, an air of professionalism, yet the duo maintains their authenticity. Here, finding the best seats might require a bit of strategy. You might want a spot with impeccable acoustics or perhaps a panoramic view of their light show.

Throughout their journey, Bob Moses hasn't just stuck to their own productions. Their collaborative works have enriched the music landscape. Sharing stages with acts like ZHU or performing at festivals alongside legends has only amplified their stature.

Speaking of tickets, they come in a range of prices, reflecting The Kind of experience you're seeking. For their performances at cozier venues, prices might start as low as $30, providing an intimate setting without breaking the bank. As the venue's scale up, so do the production elements and, subsequently, the ticket costs. You could be looking at prices ranging from $60 to $120, especially for those coveted VIP sections or prime viewing spots.

Tracing back their roots, Bob Moses isn't your ordinary electronic duo. Meeting during their formative years in Vancouver, the duo reconnected in New York, merging their differing Musical influences. This blend of backgrounds led to their unique sound, mixing rock's raw emotion with electronic's danceable rhythms. Their debut album, "Days Gone By," solidified their position in the industry. Tracks like "Tearing Me Up" not only dominated radio airwaves but also became anthems at music festivals worldwide.

A Bob Moses concert isn't just about the music. It's about the stories they weave, The Emotions they evoke, and the memories they create. They've managed to strike a chord with fans across age groups and musical preferences, ensuring that their gigs are a melting pot of diversity.

For those itching to be part of the Bob Moses phenomenon, now's the time to get those tickets. Remember to scout for the best seats that cater to your concert desires. Whether you're a fan of immersive visuals, perfect sound, or just being close to the action, there's something for everyone. Dive in, let the rhythms take over, and let Bob Moses guide you through an unforgettable sonic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of music does Bob Moses play?
Bob Moses plays an eclectic mix of soulful, groovy, and electronic music.
What kind of venues does Bob Moses play?
Bob Moses plays a variety of venues, from small clubs to large arenas.
How long is a Bob Moses show?
Bob Moses shows typically last around two hours.
Does Bob Moses have any special guests?
Bob Moses often has special guests at his shows, so be sure to check the lineup before you go!
What should I wear to a Bob Moses show?
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Bob Moses shows are all about having a good time.

Interesting Information about Bob Moses

  • Bob Moses is a Canadian electronic music duo from Vancouver.
  • Bob Moses has released two studio albums, Days Gone By (2015) and Battle Lines (2018).
  • Bob Moses has performed at major festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Electric Forest.
  • Bob Moses has collaborated with artists such as ZHU, Odesza, and Rufus Du Sol.
  • Bob Moses has won the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year in 2018.