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Aug 07

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Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland, OR
Altan, the beloved Irish folk band, has a Musical essence that seeps into the soul. They've played a pivotal role in bringing traditional Irish music to the world stage, both preserving its rich heritage and injecting a modern flair that keeps Audiences captivated. Founded by Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh and her late husband Frankie Kennedy, Altan's incredible rise is the result of a combination of authentic musicianship and a strong sense of Irish identity.

Altan has performed in a spectrum of venues, each with its unique atmosphere and offerings. On the more intimate end of the scale, places like Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts, give fans a cozy setting to absorb the band's lyrical prowess. In larger venues like the Fraze Pavilion in Ohio, the crowd's energy becomes an additional band member, amplifying the music to new levels. No matter the size, the band connects deeply with their audience.

Getting the best seats is crucial to fully experiencing an Altan performance. In a smaller venue like The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, nearly every seat is golden—close enough to feel the band's energy while enjoying superb acoustics. Larger places like the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City offer premium front-row seats that put you almost on stage with the band. However, these venues also offer excellent lawn seating where you can kick back with a Blanket under the stars without missing out on the performance.

Ticket pricing is usually aligned with the type of experience you're looking for. Smaller venues can range from $25-$40 for general admission, offering an intimate atmosphere that suits the band’s style. Larger venues will have a more varied pricing strategy. General admission often starts at around $35 but can go up to $100 or more for VIP packages that offer additional amenities like pre-show dinner or a chance to meet the band.

Who they've shared the stage with is as eclectic as their music. Bands like The Chieftains and solo artists like Emmylou Harris have often graced the same stages, making each concert a one-of-a-kind musical experience. This is not just a testament to their versatility but also to their wide-ranging appeal that transcends generations and musical genres.

Speaking of venues, Altan has taken the stage at places like The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis and the Sellersville Theater in Pennsylvania. These venues offer a balance between size and atmosphere, each having its own unique acoustics that complement Altan’s music beautifully. Larger venues may boast better visual effects, while smaller ones provide an unmatched closeness.

The joy of Altan's concerts lies in the nuanced details, from the skillful fiddle play to the lyrical storytelling. The venue you choose and the seat you occupy will shape your experience. Whether you're in a large amphitheater or a small club, the key is to decide what you most want out of the concert experience and choose accordingly. Do you want to be enveloped by the music, feeling every note in your bones? Or are you more of a back-row spectator, content with simply being in the same space as these incredible musicians? Each has its merits.

So if you’re keen on attending an Altan concert, remember: your seat plays a big role in how deeply you connect with the music. From intimate shows to grand stages, Altan’s concerts are a blend of musical skill, cultural heritage, and electrifying energy. Choose your venue and seat wisely, and you'll walk away with more than just a night of music—you’ll leave with a cultural experience that lingers long after the final note.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Where is Altan originally from?
Altan hails from County Donegal, Ireland, and focuses on the region's traditional music.
What instruments are prominent in Altan's music?
The band prominently features fiddles, accordion, and flute, offering an authentic Irish sound.
Are Altan's songs primarily in English?
No, many of their songs are in the Irish language, adding to their authenticity.
How has Altan contributed to Irish culture?
They have been ambassadors for Irish traditional music, performing globally and collaborating with various artists.
Is Altan still active?
Yes, the band continues to record and tour, maintaining a strong presence in the folk music scene.

Interesting Information about Altan

  • Altan is considered one of the foremost traditional Irish bands in the world, credited for popularizing Donegal fiddle music.
  • The band was formed in 1987, but its roots trace back to an earlier group called Ceoltóirí Altan.
  • Co-founder Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh received the prestigious Gradam Ceoil TG4 award for Traditional Musician of the Year in 2018.
  • Their music is a mix of fast jigs, slow airs, and compelling ballads, capturing a broad range of Irish folklore.
  • Altan has collaborated with well-known musicians across genres, from Dolly Parton to Ricky Skaggs.